Abilities are passive effects certain Pokémon have during battle. Although many are beneficial, some hold back certain Pokémon. But since only a few abilities are in Project Pokemon right now, abilities that hinder a Pokémon's performance in battle, like Slow Start & Truant, are not a priority for future updates. Pokemon without abilities will show up with that it hasn't been programmed.

You can find the ability of your Pokémon in the stats menu under the ability tab if it's programmed.

Abilities (As of now)

Number of


Battle Armor
Clear Body
Effect Spore 3
Filter 3
Fire Absorb 11
Flame Body 3
Guts 10
Inner Focus 8
Insomnia 7
Intimidate 21
Iron Fist 4
Levitate 34
Limber 5
Marvel Scale 1
Mega Launcher 3
Mold Breaker 10
Multiscale 2
Natural Cure 5
Overgrow 19
Own Tempo 5
Pixilate 3
Poison Point 10
Prankster 5
Pressure 23
Prism Armor 1
Pure power and

Huge power

Refrigerate 3
Regenerator 6
Rock Head 8
Sap Sipper 2
Serene Grace 6
Sheer Force 9
Shell Armor 16
Skill Link 5
Solid Rock 2
Speed Boost 8
Static 8
Strong Jaw 3
Sturdy 16
Super Luck 3
Swarm 5
Technician 8
Teravolt 1
Thick Fat 14
Torrent 21
Tough Claws 3
Turboblaze 1
Vital Spirit 2
Volt Absorb 3
Water Absorb 10
Water Veil 6

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