Aura Pokémon are, as the term states, Pokémon with an aura. An 'aura' is a feature which changes solely the Pokemon's appearance. Aura Pokémon can be found in the wild, or are more easily accessible in Mystery Gift Codes. They are relatively rare. The fan base can make their own recolor auras, and if wish_z approves of them they can get added into the game. You can submit sprite submissions at his discord, in a channel called "sprite_submission".

Types of Aura

Tint Auras

These auras affects the Pokemon's color. Single-color aura has a 1/400 chance to find, whereas multi-aura Pokemon have a minimum chance of 1/160000 to find (depending on number of colors).

  • Single-Color Aura Basically, just the Pokemon is tinted one color. There are 12 color auras available, see the table below for the full selection of colors. The chance to find these is 1/400.
Lime Green


  • Multi-Aura Pokemon can have more than one Aura, and there can be 1-11 Auras AT A TIME on a single Pokemon. These Pokemon are very rare, at a minimum chance to find of 1/16000.

Animated Auras

The animated aura is a type of aura that applies a special effect upon the Pokemon. These Pokemon have a 1/800 chance to find. When you find one of these, it also has a 1/8 chance to also have a regular aura. It can be multi-aura too!

Valentine Heart Orbiting Fire Money Ring ROBLOX Logo
Heart Shiny Drapion Fire Larvesta Money Kirlia Roblox Zangoose

Eight hearts circle the Pokemon. They can be red, purple or pink in color. It was released on 9th February, and was only obtainable from then until 28th February to celebrate Valentine's Day. This was the first seconday aura released in Project: Pokemon.


Six orange-yellow flames circle the Pokemon. Additionally, each of these flames are animated and 'sizzle' while they orbit the Pokemon. It was released on 13th February with little notice.


Eight ROBUX bills circle the Pokemon. It was released on 12th February with little notice.


Eight decals of the newest ROBLOX logo circles the Pokemon. It was released on 12th February with little notice.

Pokeball Ring

Circling Minis


Rainbow Confetti

Pokeball Toucannon Minis Dialga Confetti Togekiss
Confetti Hydreigon

A selection of either Pokeballs, Great Balls, Ultra Balls or Master Balls circle the Pokemon. It uses the same decals as those from the Pokemart. It was released on 12th February with little notice.

[No preview yet]Eight decals of the Pokemon in their miniature sprite circles the Pokemon. It was released on 8th May. [Animation]

A cascade of confetti showers endlessly upon the Pokemon. Each individual piece of confetti can be either red, yellow, green or blue in color. It was released on 3rd March along with the Rainbow Confetti Aura.

A cascade of confetti showers endlessly upon the Pokemon. Each individual piece of confetti can be a wide variety of colors. However, they are typically lighter than normal confetti. It was released on 3rd March along with the Confetti Aura.





Healer Onix Fireskull Lunatone Trueflame Mewtwo Purgatory Darkrai

The Pokemon has green gas with healthy plus signs. It was released on 2nd August.


The Pokemon has a dusty red flame and a decal of a skull. It was released on 2nd August.

[No preview yet]

The Pokemon has a smoky turquoise flame. It was released on 2nd August.


The Pokemon has a glowing pink flame. It was released on 2nd August.

Corrupted Evil




Corrupted Evil Celesteela Stars Solrock Plasma Machoke Cubed Piloswine

The Pokemon has dark purple flames which dissolve into sparks. It was released on 2nd August.


A subtle orange flame and gold stars rise on the Pokemon. It was released on 2nd August.

[No preview yet]A colorful plasma field pulses on the Pokemon. It was released on 2nd August. [Animation]

A yellow-green cloud pulses on the Pokemon. It was released on 2nd August.


Burning Flames

Nebulous Tornadus Burning Flames Marill

A pink nebula cloud pulses on the Pokemon dispersing into purple whisps. It was released on 2nd August.


An orange flame radiates from the Pokemon. It was released on 2nd August.


Recolors (also called 'Alternate forms' or 'Reskins') are a special type of aura that alters the Pokemon's sprite, which were first implemented in v.1.9.0 that alters the Pokemon's sprite. They have a 1/130 (temporary) chance to be encountered or received (initially being 1/200 prior to v. and 1/150 prior to v. They can also be found with rings, but tints may only be added using Aura Transfer.

Since there are so many recolors in the game, an individual page has been dedicated to it. You may look at all the recolors at the developing page, Recolored Pokemon.

Making Recolors

To make a recolor, you don't need much experience, but it will be better if you have some practice before you start with your official project. To begin with, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Choose a picture-editing software: You can use Microsoft Paint in this case as it has sufficient tools to create a sprite. If you don't have/are not willing to install one, you can use an online software like or instead.
  2. Choose your Pokémon: You are free to recolor any Pokémon that is present in Project: Pokémon. To increase your chances in getting your sprite accepted, choose a less common Pokémon or one that doesn't have many recolors.
  3. Select its sprites: You are only allowed to use Generation 3 or Generation 4 sprites and avoid any animated ones. If the Pokémon is not of those Generations, then use the sprite of the generation it was introduced in. There are many websites from where you can get sprites from, and some of them are pokemondb, bulbapedia, or pokestadium (miscellaneous for mini). Make sure that you get front, back and mini sprites for each Pokémon in the evolutionary line.
  4. Select a theme: You need to have a theme in mind when you're creating a sprite. Try to make your theme unique and not too simple. This will further increase your chances of getting your sprite accepted, but the more complicated theme you choose, the harder it might become for you to make it. You also have to select a recolor name based on the theme, and this will tell the player what your recolor is about.

Once you are satisfied with what you've collected, you can start off recoloring your sprite based on your theme. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind when recoloring:

  1. Make sure you can tell what the Pokémon is: Do not overdo the sprite to the level where the Pokémon cannot be recognized. You're allowed to add or remove stuff from the sprite, but don't make the Pokémon unidentifiable.
  2. Focus on the effects: Make sure that you draw shadows properly and sufficiently so that your Pokémon looks 3D. Do not use high contract/bright colors as it makes the Pokémon uncomfortable to look at. Your best option is to prepare a color palette consisting of light, medium, and dark versions of each color. Also, avoid outlines and visible dots on the sprite, unless your theme requires it.
  3. Keep the image size in the range: Do not exceed the range of 96×96 as it is the default front and back sprite size (40×40 for mini). Your image can be smaller but make sure the back frame is exactly to the size specified above.
  4. Keep it PG 7-11: Sprites which contain gore, NSFW content, violence, abuse etc. will be instantly rejected as it is against the Roblox TOS to post inappropriate content.

Submitting Your Recolor

To submit your recolor, join the Official Project: Pokemon Discord server. The link to the server can be found on wish_z's twitter (@wishRBLX) but is only opened for a short amount of time at any random day. When you've joined, go to the channel #spritenominations and a HR will repost it in another channel (which is invisible to normal users). Wish_z only allows submissions whenever he announces that he's adding more into the game.

Make sure to script your recolor correctly or the image in-game will be invisible and fixing this is not a priority to wish.

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