• TheRealPeterGreek


    I was making several articles about the metagame for Project: Pokemon, and I even made a tier list for it.

    However, in reality, the metagame of PP is somewhat mediocre, consisting of players that use untrained Mewtwo and the horribly nerfed (yet still decent) Darkrai, along with code Pokemon.

    But, still, there is one metagame that is even worse, and that is the one of Pokemon Brick Bronze, the game I despise the most.

    Here is why the PBB meta is the worst one in the history of Pokemon.

    1. Most players use their fully evolved and completely overused starter Pokemon (most notably standard Charizard), and the rest of their team consists of Pokemon that are completely neglected and have v…
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  • XXK1rbyF4nB0y69Xx

    i have everything

    October 21, 2017 by XXK1rbyF4nB0y69Xx

    when i mean everything i mean i have all the prefered pokemon for the Elite Four take a look

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  • The Rayquaza Master

    So anyone can talk here and stuff......

    so do it now....

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  • TheRealPeterGreek

    With totally 600 Pokemon in the game (three of them are currently unobtainable), there are many Pokemon that have made a huge impact on the PvP scene.

    However, there are some very good 'mons that have not made it to the game yet.


    Number 5: Forretress

    Forretress is the dominant defensive Bug Pokemon in the games, having 140 Defense, 75 base HP, and the same type combination with Scizor and Genesect. This type combination leaves it with only one weakness and nine resistances, and it can wall many Pokemon easily. However, in PP, entry hazards and Rapid Spin are not yet added, so if Forretress makes it to the game, it might be a little underwhelming.

    Number 4: Alolan Marowak

    Alolan Marowak is one of the mos…

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  • XXK1rbyF4nB0y69Xx

    This May Not be the best Strategy to Defeating the Elite 4 and Gary but it might still work!

    Name Weakness Resistance/
    Immunity Moves Preferred Pokemon


    Ice Beam
    Scizor, Tyranitar, Crabominable or Mewtwo


    Ice Beam
    Double Team
    Scizor, Tyranitar, Crabominable or Mewtwo


    Stone Edge
    Ice Shard
    Breloom (Drain Punch), Serperior, Scizor, Skarmory, or Mewtwo


    Swords Dance
    Night Slash
    Ice Shard
    Low Kick
    Sableye, Lucario, Blaziken, or Mewtwo


    Thunder Wave
    Ice Shard
    Swampert, Mewtwo


    Frost Breath
    Draco Meteor
    Fusion Flare
    Dialga (If you're already champion (Unless you got it from trade) ), Mewtwo, Machamp, Tyranitar, Gardevoir

    Name Level Weakn…

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  • The Rayquaza Master

    Soo... My first blog. Huh so I caught Rayquaza, traded for a kyorge, I just need groudon I have found one in the wild but... I killed it....

    Question:Can you see groudon once?

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  • TheRealPeterGreek

    Hey guys, I decided to make a new blog series that has many PvP guides that will help you succeed in the Project: Pokemon metagame. These will include tips on how to use certain Pokemon and items correctly in battles.

    The first blog will be about the Eviolite, an item that raises the defenses of a NFE (Not Fully Evolved) Pokemon. 

    Ever since its introduction in the Item update, Eviolite has become the third most popular item in the game, being behind Leftovers and Life Orb. It also has made NFE Pokemon now popular among the community, as they now can have the chance to face their evolved forms and other fully evolved Pokemon. In fact, some Pokemon outclass their evolved forms.

    There are many ways to use the Eviolite, but I will talk about cer…

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  • TheRealPeterGreek

    adSorry for being so inactive, I had many things to do like homework.

    By the way, there is the third version of my tier list for PP. The reason why I make a third one is because some Pokemon were put on the wrong tiers, and because others have become more popular.

    It will also feature a new tier where the most unviable Pokemon will be.

    Here we go

    Once again, the mighty Glubbie is here.

    Pokemon that are too strong and can be considered broken. These are the Pokemon that are on the Rated Battle Banlist.

    Mewtwo (S)

    Lugia (S)

    Ho-Oh (A-)

    Slaking (A+)

    Groudon (A-)

    Kyogre (A)

    Rayquaza (S)

    Deoxys (All forms) (D- for Normal, A+ for Attack, B for Speed and B- for Defense)

    Dialga (B+)

    Palkia (A-)

    Giratina (A for both forms)

    Regigigas (A+)

    Darkrai (C)

    Arceus  (S)


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  • ImmortalHero101

    This is the test Version

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  • AlasCyan

    AlasCyan"s Adventure

    September 18, 2017 by AlasCyan

    'Clock rings'

    'Me throws Clock'

    Me:Oh i can believe it i forgot 

    mom:come down its time for breakfast

    me:Coming Mom


    'Me Runs to Professer Dart"s lab'

    Prof Dart:oh your here late


    Prof dart: its Ok and also i frogot its time to pick your Starter AlasCyan

    Me:Oh Yes

    Me:Hmmm i Pick....... >Litten<

    Me: bye Prof

    Prof dart:Wait i forgot to give you these pokeballs and This pokedex


    "A wild Lupunny Appeared"

    Me:Go litten

    "litten used Scratch"

    "Go pokeball"

    "Lupunny was caught!"

    (and so the jourey Began)

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  • IGreenn

    Hi all, I'm most known for my Green Tint Collecting on Project Pokemon. I am currently collecting Green Tint Legendary, Mythicals, PvPs, Ultra Beasts, and Roulette-Only Pokemon.

    The green tinted ones are the ones I already have, the silhouetted ones are the ones I'm missing. And of course, that leaves me with these:

    If you have any of these or know anybody with these you can contact me on Discord(iGreenn#9397) or on ROBLOX(iGreenn).

    I also have Green tint Chatot, Audino, and Lucario. To see the other Roulette-only rares I need go here.

    My current Green tint PvP tints are: Lucario, Volcarona, Scizor, Klefki, and Breloom.

    The only Green tint Ultra Beast I have at the moment is Celesteela.

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  • Dysfunctional Soda-Machine

    Welcome to my growing new blog! There isn't much here, but it'll surely be awesome once it reaches the later stages. This blog is dedicated to my collection of auras for every Pokemon in the Pokedex (which will take a very long time). I'm only putting up tints, animateds, rings or a combination of those said - no recolors! :3 Disclaimer: Most of these are mine, few belong to other people and a large portion have been traded away.

    This section consists of Kanto Pokemon, as well as their full (external region) evolutionary lines.

    Bulbasaur Ivysaur Venusaur

    Wartortle Blastoise

    Nidoking Cleffa Clefairy Clefable




    Graveler Golem



    Kingler Voltorb

    Cubone Marowak Tyrogue Hitmonlee Hit…

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  • ImmortalHero101

    An idea came across my mind when I was going through Routes pages and fixing some errors. Tables get very annoying when near Infoboxes and we've always been trying to fix the huuuge gap which occurs between article content and the table, and that's exactly what I tried to do. So I came up with this: . Putting the Mini Attribute tags underneath the name of each pokemon makes the table more thinner and a tad longer. So I'd like to know the opinion of you guys whether you like it or not/needs improvements before I continue making a Mini version for the other Attributes.

    Example usage:



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  • AlasCyan


    September 11, 2017 by AlasCyan
    • I'M pretty much bored wat to do
    • wat to do
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  • TheRealPeterGreek

    It's been a long time since I made a blog post last time on the wiki. I was bored so I decided to make another list. This list will rate all eeveelutions by PvP performance.

    NOTE: Since this is based on PvP viability, don't complain if your favourite eeveelution is low on the list.

    Enough of this, let's begin.

    Number 8: Glaceon

    Glaceon has a phenomenal 130 base Special Attack, which is the same with Kyurem's. However, it has some really bad flaws that hold it back. Its 65 Speed is considered below average, its Ice typing is easily the worst defensive typing in the game, and it cannot endure hits well because of this. However, it can work on the right team, although it might be risky to use it.

    Number 7: Flareon

    If it was not for Flare Blitz, Fla…

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  • Amrsan


    September 4, 2017 by Amrsan

    need to have atleast 6 dark pokeom in their invenotry if they want to catch darkrai faster

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  • CWH1173

    Defeating E4

    September 2, 2017 by CWH1173

    Yesss!!! I defeated the E4 and earned the Champion Badge yesterday!!

    You want to know my strategy? Ok

    1st, stack up many potions (this is more than needed, but just in case!)

    -12 full recovers

    -8 revives

    -5 max elixr

    -1 antidiote

    My Team (U should ev train them first)


    shiny Mewtwo

    Black Tint Slaking

    Shiny six aura Gengar

    Mega Charizard Y


    Vs Lorelei


    1 or 2 clam mind (antdiote when poisoned

    spam thunderbolt, aura sphere to mamoswine, weavile and kyruem

    Vs Bruno


    psystrike should take care of the first 3

    Mega Gengar

    Sludge Bomb for Gallade

    Mega Charizard Y

    Overheat for Lucario


    Psystrike for Keldo

    Vs Agatha


    Dark pulse should take care of the first three


    Play rough for spiritomb


    Dark pulse for Gengar and Giratina

    Vs La…

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  • AlasCyan

    I AM Titanium

    September 1, 2017 by AlasCyan
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  • HappyDragons11

    Elite Four

    August 24, 2017 by HappyDragons11

    I'm kinda stuck on the Elite Four. Any suggestions?


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  • RegigigasRocks
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  • Mettaton8


    August 16, 2017 by Mettaton8
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  • 1Lugia1

    Is Mewtwo rare?

    August 11, 2017 by 1Lugia1

    I don't know.. I have the game pass but it doesn't show a Mewtwo up.. only Zapdos, Articuno and Moltres...

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  • ZephrXGames

    Well here we are FANDOM! This is where Zeph is offcially going to be "blogging" almost everything. I hope you can all understand that I'm a new user so please don't hate on me. I try and help the community by giving them advice, tips, or answer their questions! I hope I can be the one who helps YOU if you have any questions. Well it's time for me to sign off! Until next time! Good bye!

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  • TheRealPeterGreek

    This is a ranking list about the usage of Pokemon in the game in all tiers. It is actually a leaderboard instead of a rank board

    1. Mewtwo
    2. Lugia
    3. Darkrai
    4. Dialga
    5. Slaking
    6. Rayquaza
    7. Palkia
    8. Deoxys
    9. Regigigas
    10. Giratina
    11. Volcarona
    12. Reshiram
    13. Ho-Oh
    14. Kyogre
    15. Zekrom
    16. Groudon
    17. Kyurem

    NC Arceus (Unobtaibable)

    1. Mega Venusaur
    2. Mega Charizard X
    3. Chansey
    4. Mega Scizor
    5. Mega Gengar
    6. Dragonite
    7. Blissey
    8. Scizor
    9. Mega Blaziken
    10. Azumarill
    11. Mega Slowbro
    12. Mega Alakazam
    13. Celesteela
    14. Garchomp
    15. Mega Salamence
    16. Gengar
    17. Mega Beedrill
    18. Weavile
    19. Mega Lucario
    20. Shaymin-Sky
    21. Mega Lopunny
    22. Mega Gallade
    23. Mega Gyarados
    24. Latios
    25. Zapdos
    26. Mega Gardevoir
    27. Alakazam
    28. Mega Charizard Y
    29. Mega Tyranitar
    30. Mega Metagross
    31. Tyranitar
    32. Keldeo
    33. Mega Medicham
    34. Suicune
    35. Yanmega
    36. Cloyster
    37. Mega Heracross
    38. Gyarados
    39. Salamence
    40. Kartana
    41. Thundurus
    42. Greninja
    43. Breloom
    44. Mega Blastoise
    45. Raikou
    46. Mega Latias
    47. Victini
    48. Porygon-Z …

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  • EnDeRMaGe63

    Recolor Updates

    August 1, 2017 by EnDeRMaGe63

    Now I've made it to Marowak.

    I've also now made 100 edits!

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  • EnDeRMaGe63

    Ive been making as many "Recolor Gallery" sections as i can in order of the pokedex and so far i've made it to Psyduck.

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  • XXK1rbyF4nB0y69Xx

    i hate smogon and i don't care

    here's my (soon to be) Project: Pokemon Team

    P.S. Im A Dirty Uber Pokemon and Borderline (1 2 3 4)Pokemon User

    • Serperior
    Type: Grass
    • Alakazam
    Type: Psychic Held Item: Alakazite
    • Weavile
    Type: Ice/Dark
    • PorygonZ
    Type: Normal
    • Shaymin-Sky
    Type: Grass/Flying
    • Breloom
    Type: Fighting/Grass Read more >
  • Alphacentauriproxima


    July 18, 2017 by Alphacentauriproxima

    What the heck happened? I really don't think he nuked the wiki.

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  • FloatingVictini48272
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  • TheRealPeterGreek

    Here is an updated list of my Tier List for Project: Pokemon. This features Pokemon that were either promoted or demoted as well as a new tier.

    Only one Pokemon has made it to this tier, and that is the unstoppable fakemon known as Glubbie. It is way too powerful for the game.


    Pokemon that are too powerful and broken. They are abnormally strong and popular among players.

    This is based on the banlist of Rated Battles








    Deoxys (All Forms)











    Pokemon that dominate the metagame. They are powerful and able to even sweep teams with ease. Very popular among players.

    Mega Venusaur

    Mega Charizard X

    Mega Charizard Y

    Mega Blastoise

    Mega Beedrill …

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  • MewLover15

    its called the Dark Alien Aura!


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  • MewLover15

    OH My gosh GUYS

    July 10, 2017 by MewLover15

    so i just like found my first ever giratina and it took about TWO pokeballs TO CATCH IT. WHAT EVEN????????????????

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  • TheRealPeterGreek

    Hey guys I made a new aura for Scyther and Scizor. It is called the Greece aura.

    Here are the photos.  

    Can someone post in the chat sprites for Mega Scizor because I did not find a good one?

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  • FloatingVictini48272

    Hello you have to answer 5 questions who ever gets the correct answers in comments first gets the free legend 1.) How did i get that legend?

    2.) Why did i make this?

    3.)What legend am i giving away?

    4.) If you were a friend on roblox do you think i would give the legend to you?

    5.) Is there an easter egg on this quiz?


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  • Alphacentauriproxima

    if you know the code for articuno please tell me so I can fix the mystery gift codes page.

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  • FloatingVictini48272

    I just got the Found a mew badge for making the 36000 or i think 360000 edit on the wiki =D

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  • TheRealPeterGreek

    My first blog in the Wiki was about Pokemon that are able to face the Elite Four with ease.  I included 20 very strong Pokemon that are common within Elite Four teams.

    But then, I discovered there are more choices for it.

    In this blogpost I will present more Pokemon recommended for E4.

    1. Lugia

    How to get: Talk to the guy in Cinnabar Volcano's PokeCenter while having Chansey, Snorlax, Vibrava, Moltres and Magneton in your party. (also Lugia was once in a code)

    You should expect this one coming. Ever since the code was released, Lugia became more common than Mewtwo. Its defenses are out of this world, it has the ability Multiscale, it has good set up moves and a great movepool and great recovery. It can destroy Bruno's Pokemon easily after one o…

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  • MewLover15
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  • MewLover15


    Rareity:Mythical Pokemon:Mew


    (this is not really ingame this is just how it would go if it was ingame.)


    Defeat Emily6502 at Cinnabar Valcano and she will reward you with Mew


    When Emily6502 gives you mew its stats will be

    Hp 105

    Spd 70

    Def 60

    Atk 67



    Rareity:Rare Pokemon:Litten


    [2]====How to obtai…

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  • MewLover15




    Battle:yes (fanmade)


    [if Player Replys Yes] "Then let the battle begin!"

    [If Player Replys No] "Perhaps another time."


    Holding Leftovers

    [Litten:Shiny:Lv55:Moves:FlameThrower,Swagger,Crunch] .


    Holding Nothing

    [Glaceon:Lv75:Moves:Blizzard,Hail,HiddenPower] .



    Holding Nothing




    Holding Nothing




    Holding Leftovers


    Holding life orb

    (FanMade) [Fōkasu:Lv:95:(Electric&Psychic)Moves:Thunderbolt,Hurricane,Focus Blast,Fly

    Emily6502 can be found at the back of Route 21, staring into the distance

    If the player won the battle Emily6502 will reward…

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  • MewLover15
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  • MewLover15

    Aura Trades?

    June 29, 2017 by MewLover15
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  • Zack1223344556666

    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to my blog!

    I've decided that every week or two, I'll post a few questions about the wiki and you will post your answers in the comments.

    Whoever gets 5/5 questions right, will get an unidentified prize.

    Let's start with this week:

    Question 1. Who was the Founder of this wiki? Clue:His name has 7 characters

    Question 2. Who introduced the first stylish templates on the wiki? Clue:Creator of an easter egg

    Question 3. Around how many edits are made per day?

    Question 4. Has the theme ever been changed?

    Question 5. Are there any Easter eggs in this blog? and if there is, what are they?

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  • MystSkitty


    June 22, 2017 by MystSkitty

    Hey! If your reading this, I wanted to ask what pokemon should I edit. The only cool pokemon recolours I can think of are ones that are hard to get so I can't guarantee the encounter. Any recommended common/uncommon or slightly rare pokemon with auras?

    If you are to request do it like this:


    Blazed Aura

    [Any extra wanted detail]

    ^                                         ^

    I'll see if I can do it:3 If you can, send it to me on Discord , my name is: MystSkitty#5561

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  • TheRealPeterGreek

    Project: Pokemon was created in 2013 by wish_z (formerly known as WishNite). It was the first Pokemon game in ROBLOX and instantly became a fan favorite. 

    There are so many cool things in the game, such as Mega Evolutions, Ultra Beasts, Mystery Gift codes and even events with Legendary Pokemon.

    However, when Pokemon Brick Bronze became free, everything changed...

    Many people think that PBB is the best Pokemon game, but it is not.

    First, almost EVERYTHING costs Robux. Even Exp Share, the most basic thing, costs Robux. As a poor Robloxian, I do not accept it at all. Even cool things such as Ditto, Ash-Greninja and extra Starters cost Robux. This shows how greedy is the team that makes the game.

    Also, the storyline of PBB is a very generic one. Yo…

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  • MarioCP

    Enter the raffle!

    June 14, 2017 by MarioCP

    Hey guys.. I got a special annoucement! I am back, and I wanted to do something special! Its called the raffle!

    From 6/13/17 to 8/22/17, I will be doing this every Tuesday! Anyone who enters have to have the requirements:

    Over 100 Edits

    ROBLOX Username

    Must be active on wikia

    Message me at the message wall, and you will be entered! (Higher Ranks just need ROBLOX Username)

    Good luck everyone!



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  • TheRealPeterGreek

    Many Pokemon are fan favourites and it becomes quickly known as they can appear everywhere in the game or be frequently asked for trades, and as a result become a major factor for many scams that occur. 

    Here is my list, which will describe that how Pokemon are overrated, as well as their flaws.

    Number 10: Garchomp

    Garchomp has always been a fan favourite. His type, his design and his moveset have led to him being very popular, and also it can be found easily. It could have been greater if it was not for a... DOUBLE WEAKNESS TO THE ICE TYPE. Seriously, even Jynx can beat it with a single Frost Breath.

    Number 9: Lucario

    You would surely expect Lucario to be on the list. His design and typing are the main cause of his popularity. It was once one …

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  • TheRealPeterGreek

    There are many non-legendary Pokemon that have been very succesful in the game and have become popular among the community. Some of them even outclass some Legendaries. There are many of them that can enter the list, but only 10 made it here.

    Number 10: Dragonite

    Dragonite was always a very popular Pokemon, but the update that introduced abilities made it even stronger. Its ability, Multiscale, enables it to endure the first hit it takes, allowing it to use Dragon Dance one or two times. In this way, the Dragon/Flying Pseudo-Legendary can become a very powerful Pokemon that can be useful for Elite Four and PvP.

    Number 9: Gengar

    Gengar is one of the most common Pokemon in the game, because Gastly, its basic form, is incredibly easy to find. In …

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  • Zack1223344556666

    Hi Everyone!

    As you already know, I have added new badge tracks for everyone to collect!

    Here is a current list of all the current badges:

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  • TheRealPeterGreek

    I have to make a very sad update.

    I was making the first blog about my series, involving Blaziken, but the Wiki could not accept the title, because it was considered invalid.

    As a result, the series is cancelled.

    Sorry guys, but I cannot make any blogs if the Wiki does not accept the title.

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