• Regigigas fan

    He said '.....this thing sucks.....we dont learn anything', but I say, 'SCHOOL IS BORING, WE GET BLAMED, WE DONT LEARN, MINUTES ARE TAKEN OFF OUR PLAYTIME, PEOPLE ARE ANNOYING, .................................................................................................'

    So yeah...,here is a table of how much we learn each day

    Monday- Friday= Nothing-takes our knowledge away with something like 1+1 Read more >
  • BirthdaymanofDOOM

    So basically they only teach you about stuff that you won't even use in your life. Like flowers. They dont teach you about bills. So yeah... But the maths part i guess is useful.

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  • JforJack64


    May 6, 2018 by JforJack64


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  • JforJack64


    May 6, 2018 by JforJack64

    Hi guys

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  • C3yellowcat

    New Auras

    May 4, 2018 by C3yellowcat

    Post auras in the comments! I want to see what you've made!

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  • Hormanass69

    Wuss poppin jimbo

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  • Mudkip57430Cool

    WHY DID U DELETE MY BLOG ABOUT THE IMPOSTER GAME THAT IS A VERY SERIOUS SITUATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Fadingsilence

    hey there!

    i’ve been trying to look for both kyurem and palkia for about a few days, but i’ve had no luck,,, i know, when it comes to finding legendaries you have to be patient,, but people are able to find legends in within like five minutes, but for me it takes a few hours,, so now i’m here looking for tips on finding legendaries like kyurem, lugia, palkia, etc.

    i know for one that i need pokeboosters and patience, but i’m looking for other tips than just being told to get pokeboosters and be patient

    thank you and i look forward to follow the tips that you’ll provide me !

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  • Ultravenom17

    Hello there guys! I just wanted to tell you guys about some stuff that just arent true, but everyone belives. I hope that these myths fade away, and everyone sees the truth.

    1. Rayquaza, Cressilia, and Manaphy have the same rarity.

    You may find it hard to belive, but according to the wiki, it states that all 3 are found in hunch areas. So next time someone says "Cressilia isn't worth aura ray!", tell them to look it up.

    2. Ultra Beasts and Volcanion are Rarer than Rayquaza.

    Ultra Beasts have a 1/1,200 chance to be found, and you can only find a certain one every day. Rayquaza has a 1/1000 chance to be found, and even though you need to be hunting in a hunch area, you can find it any day!  And you need to win 38 anything goes or random battles …

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  • TheFloatingLugia

    APackOfSmarties (Brick Bronze Wiki Founder)

    While there has still been no confirmation if the game will be permanently shut down, there has been no response or updates in the 24 hours the game has been shut down. Because of the lack of response and time, it is likely that the game has been permanently taken down. Only the biggest of miracles can reverse this. 

    Pokémon Brick Bronze started off with a demo in 2015, where trainers could begin to start in Mitis Town and battle Pokémon, up to Silvent City. It would always dominate the Top Paid and Top Rated section, and also had a 25R$ paid access fee. Before that, there was a little testing area where players could see how the mechanics would work. As the game received more updates, the fanbase …

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  • TheFloatingLugia

    (Based on my post in the Facebook Group Called "[ROBLOX] [OFFICIAL] [ACCOUNTS])

    "Announcement ROBLOXians:

    Today (April 20,2018), The day that Pokemon Brick Bronze Players Stick together in one place. To say goodbye to our POKEMON BRICK BRONZE. Earlier, I Found out on Twitter that someone twitted "Since Pokemon Brick Bronze is gone, what should we play?". And i opened my ROBLOX app and searched the game. It was not in there but i'm very worried at that time. That i saw a video in YouTube that Pokemon Brick Bronze is permanently BANNED. It was taken down by Nintendo due to copyright infringements. If you are a Pokemon Brick Bronze Player, Remember to react "Sad" and Comment #GoodbyePokemonBrickBronze.

    As we stick together as one to our beloved …

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  • Empsie


    April 6, 2018 by Empsie


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  • Empsie

    Charmander is a pokemon

    April 2, 2018 by Empsie
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  • Ryanb88


    April 2, 2018 by Ryanb88

    I am setting up my profile

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  • TheRealPeterGreek

    Sorry for being so inactive, schoolwork did not give me time to write more blogposts.

    By the way, there are some Pokemon that start off in the meta as mediocre because some important moves, abilities and items were not released, but updated make them stronger and more viable in the PvP scene.

    This list will describe how these 5 Pokemon were improved during updates.

    Number 5: Genesect

    Despite having a great movepool, Genesect was often dropped in favour of the much bulkier Mega Scizor, which has priority and a stat-boosting move. However, during its own event, it recieved two great tools that turned it into a powerful setup sweeper. Shift Gear boosted its attack by 1 stage and speed by 2, which makes it very frightening as its typing allows it …

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  • ZaticusBrine 52

    Eevee challenge

    March 16, 2018 by ZaticusBrine 52

    Try this take a party of the eevee evolutions into the e4 if it works tell me and what you used.

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  • Rbaer

    What should I do?

    March 16, 2018 by Rbaer

    I want to help this Wikia a lot. However, I'm not good at finding information as I am at grammar.

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  • PokeFreak117

    I need some help

    February 26, 2018 by PokeFreak117

    I'm working on training a vulpix, and i need to know if it gives more XP to participate in a battle, or to just use the XP share?

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  • ZaCh4RB

    this wiki is dying

    February 14, 2018 by ZaCh4RB

    hello admins mods have you realized how dying this wiki is

    lots of user gone inactive


    please help to stop this wiki from dying

    thank you admins mods

    say 'hi' if you're reading this

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  • FastMinecraft2016

    A New Wiki

    February 13, 2018 by FastMinecraft2016

    I am a fan of the game deathrun, and so i decided to make this.


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  • FastMinecraft2016

    Hello! FastMinecraft here, and, I decided on some wikia resolutions for 2018! The problem is that it’s February. Well, Lunar new year it is then!


    Get A moderator job on this wiki Get the great ball achievement.

    Snow shoveling wiki:

    Get my 2 moderator jobs back (don’t ask)

    Roblox Wikia:

    Found a new wiki relating to Roblox

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  • Cstoczyn


    January 25, 2018 by Cstoczyn

    Hi, What's Up? Cstoczyn (talk) 00:47, January 25, 2018 (UTC)

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  • YslDora14


    January 16, 2018 by YslDora14
    [[ ==


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  • TheFloatingLugia

    New Profile Song

    January 16, 2018 by TheFloatingLugia

    Title: Ultra Sun and Moon Title Screen theme

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  • AlasCyan

    I did a Fusion!!!

    January 15, 2018 by AlasCyan
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  • TheFloatingLugia

    We are not in there :'(

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  • TheNobleYoshi


    January 14, 2018 by TheNobleYoshi

    Hi everyone!

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  • TheFloatingLugia

    Please we need help getting it done. Link:

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  • TheRealPeterGreek

    And there we go with the final ranking, that of Ubers.

    • Mega Mewtwo Y
    • Lugia
    • Rayquaza
    • Marshadow


    • Slaking
    • Kyogre
    • Deoxys-A
    • Regigigas


    • Mewtwo
    • Ho-Oh
    • Lunala


    • Palkia
    • Giratina-O


    • Mega Mewtwo X
    • Giratina
    • Deoxys-S
    • Solgaleo


    • Dialga
    • Zekrom


    • Groudon
    • Volcarona

    • Deoxys-D
    • Darkrai
    • Reshiram
    • Kyurem

    • Deoxys
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  • TheRealPeterGreek

    The final ranking, featuring both Pokemon from FU and DU, the bottom tiers of the meta. This will feature an E rank.

    • Machoke
    • Metang
    • Vigoroth
    • Rotom-Fan
    • Audino
    • Aurorus


    • Marowak
    • Meganium
    • Shiftry
    • Gabite
    • Grumpig


    • Dewgong
    • Mr. Mime
    • Lickilicky
    • Lopunny
    • Vespiquen


    • Seaking
    • Misdreavus
    • Lopunny
    • Solrock
    • Zweilous
    • Stantler
    • Crabominable


    • Arbok
    • Tropius
    • Camerupt
    • Lunatone
    • Noctowl
    • Simisear
    • Phione


    • Hypno
    • Jumpluff
    • Stunfisk
    • Liepard
    • Simipour
    • Vanilluxe


    • Fearow
    • Sandslash
    • Parasect
    • Pupitar
    • Pelipper
    • Swoobat
    • Cacturne
    • Simisage

    • Beedrill
    • Graveler
    • Bastiodon
    • Dunsparce
    • Chatot
    • Mightyena
    • Watchog
    • Bibarel
    • Swalot

    • Onix
    • Pachirisu
    • Furret
    • Corsola
    • Dedenne
    • Plusle
    • Minun

    • Pikachu
    • Farfetch'd
    • Ditto
    • Delibird
    • Spinda
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  • TheRealPeterGreek

    Now we go to PU, the second bottom tier

    • Kadabra
    • Tangela
    • Piloswine
    • Floatzel
    • Rotom-Frost


    • Poliwrath
    • Muk
    • Hitmonchan
    • Electabuzz
    • Magmortar
    • Dusknoir
    • Quagsire
    • Samurott
    • Gurdurr
    • Pyroar


    • Golduck
    • Tauros
    • Leafeon
    • Lanturn
    • Manectric
    • Dartrix
    • Skuntank


    • Vileplume
    • Rhydon
    • Shelgon
    • Ludicolo
    • Regice
    • Klinklang
    • Trevenant
    • Mudsdale


    • Victreebel
    • Rapidash
    • Dodrio
    • Torterra
    • Golurk
    • Claydol
    • Beeheeyem
    • Sliggoo
    • Zebstrika
    • Guzzlord


    • Charmeleon
    • Raticate
    • Persian
    • Kangashkan
    • Magmar
    • Luxray
    • Walrein
    • Altaria
    • Relicanth
    • Xatu
    • Crustle
    • Toucannon


    • Wigglytuff
    • Golem
    • Exeggutor
    • Glaceon
    • Rampardos
    • Ampharos
    • Duosion
    • Granbull
    • Aromatisse

    • Buterfree
    • Flareon
    • Seviper
    • Drifblim
    • Banette
    • Probopass
    • Octillery
    • Torkoal
    • Lurantis
    • Leavanny

    • Pidgeot
    • Kingler
    • Glalie
    • Wailord
    • Gumshoos
    • Linoone
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  • TheRealPeterGreek

    We are heading to the bottom with NU

    • Weezing
    • Jynx
    • Umbreon
    • Sneasel
    • Gogoat


    • Golbat
    • Haunter
    • Hitmonlee
    • Steelix
    • Electivire
    • Exploud
    • Mesprit
    • Delphox


    • Kabutops
    • Rhyperior
    • Mismagius
    • Rotom
    • Miltank
    • Clawitzer
    • Barbaracle


    • Lapras
    • Articuno
    • Zangoose
    • Virizion
    • Armaldo
    • Slowking


    • Raichu
    • Primeape
    • Omastar
    • Togetic
    • Spiritomb
    • Emboar
    • Accelgor
    • Cradily


    • Charizard
    • Pinsir
    • Absol
    • Regirock
    • Ambipom
    • Mantine
    • Hitmontop
    • Drampa


    • Aggron
    • Swellow
    • Donphan
    • Stoutland
    • Sigilyph
    • Incineroar
    • Pyukumuku

    • Ninetales
    • Typhlosion
    • Druddigon
    • Gigalith
    • Ursaring

    • Electrode
    • Serperior
    • Hariyama
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  • TheRealPeterGreek

    Next we go for RU

    • Clefable
    • Feraligatr
    • Mega Garchomp
    • Registeel
    • Salazzle


    • Nidoqueen
    • Tentacruel
    • Moltres
    • Mega Steelix
    • Jellicent
    • Froslass
    • Durant
    • Pangoro


    • Magneton
    • Lucario
    • Gligar
    • Cresselia
    • Mega Glalie
    • Bronzong
    • Talonflame


    • Mega Pidgeot
    • Slowbro
    • Drapion
    • Krookodile
    • Meloetta


    • Machamp
    • Blaziken
    • Roserade
    • Rotom-Mow
    • Escavalier


    • Kingdra
    • Mega Camerupt
    • Toxicroak
    • Shaymin
    • Chesnaught
    • Dragalge
    • Noivern
    • Necrozma


    • Vaporeon
    • Sceptile
    • Houndoom
    • Uxie
    • Hawlucha
    • Hoopa
    • Kommo-o

    • Venusaur
    • Venomoth
    • Honchkrow
    • Gallade
    • Sableye
    • Tyrantrum
    • Heliolisk
    • Diancie
    • Decidueye
    • Dhelmise

    • Blastoise
    • Dugtrio
    • Mega Audino
    • Vikavolt
    • Galvantula
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  • TheRealPeterGreek

    The next ranking is that for the UU tier, same way as the OU.

    • Starmie
    • Tangrowth
    • Jirachi
    • Infernape
    • Mega Manectric
    • Excadrill


    • Raikou
    • Mega Latios
    • Celebi
    • Mega Altaria
    • Terrakion
    • Scolipede


    • Nidoking
    • Mega Sceptile
    • Entei
    • Mega Aggron
    • Latias
    • Milotic
    • Haxorus
    • Rotom-Heat


    • Snorlax
    • Espeon
    • Staraptor
    • Hydreigon
    • Eelektross
    • Mega Houndoom
    • Crawdaunt


    • Mega Blastoise
    • Jolteon
    • Magnezone
    • Mega Absol
    • Dusclops
    • Cobalion
    • Scrafty
    • Mega Houndoom
    • Conkeldurr
    • Sylveon


    • Scyther
    • Skarmory
    • Heracross
    • Manaphy
    • Bisharp
    • Goodra
    • Nihilego


    • Aerodactyl
    • Swampert
    • Gliscor
    • Empoleon
    • Sharpedo
    • Tornadus
    • Darmanitan
    • Ribombee
    • Buzzwole

    • Arcanine
    • Metagross
    • Flygon
    • Gardevoir
    • Mega Banette
    • Reuniclus
    • Xurkitree
    • Mienshao

    • Mega Ampharos
    • Shuckle
    • Medicham
    • Primarina
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  • TheRealPeterGreek

    I deleted the ranks from the tier list so that I can make viability rankings for each tier (except for Ultimate where there is only 1 Pokemon)

    The ranks will be from S to D. The S rank will be for Pokemon that are exceptional and they are the defining forces of the meta, the A rank will be for Pokemon that are almost equally good as the pokemon in the higher rank, but have some flaws, the B rank will be for more average 'mons, the C rank will be for Pokemon that have major flaws but unique niches, and the D rank will be for the most unviable Pokemon that are only OU because they are too strong for UU.

    • Mega Pinsir
    • Mega Blaziken
    • Mega Salamence
    • Mega Lucario
    • Azumarill
    • Greninja
    • Klefki
    • Landorus


    • Mega Charizard X
    • Mega Gengar
    • Chansey
    • Dragonite
    • Mega Metagross
    • We…

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  • FastMinecraft2016

    Hi! This is a um... recap of my randomizer nuzzlocke....

    Giratina-o (level 18)

    Grotle (level 14)

    Torracat (level 17)

    Pidgeotto (level 15)

    Simipour (level 13)

    Sewaddle (level 15)

    SHINY PARAS!! (not in party) (level 10)

    Dead Pokemon:

    None Yet





    P.S I met Soda during 1st day of nuzzlocke...

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  • Ultravenom17


    To calculate the price of a pokemon, multiply 3 factors: Encounter Rate, Aura Type, and Demand.

    Encounter rate (or E)is how rare it is.

    Very common- 1

    Common- 2

    Uncommon- 5

    Rare- 10

    Very Rare- 20

    Legend- 50

    Ultra Rare Legend- 200

    Aura type (Or A) is about of the poke is aura, shiny, or normal.

    None- 1

    Shiny- 10

    Animated (New)- 100

    Recolor- 200

    Tint- 400

    Animated (Old)- 800

    Valentines Heart- ???

    Demand (Or D) is how much the Pokemon is wanted.

    Unwanted (Ex. Rattata)- 1

    Rarely Wanted (Ex. Zubat)- 5

    Somewhat Wanted (Ex. Slakoth)- 10

    Wanted (Ex. Cloyster)- 20

    Really Wanted (Ex. Latios)- 50

    Madly Wanted (Ex. Mewtwo)- 100

    Die-For Wanted (Ex. Rayquaza)- 200

    EAD = Price of Pokemon

    To find out if trades are fair, use this formula.

    For example, find out if this t…

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  • Resetotype


    December 30, 2017 by Resetotype

    Hi! My name's Brandon, i'm 15 years of age (as of writing this). I'm a male and a proud Australian! I wish to get more involved with communities that i enjoy playing with :). Feel free to talk to me about anything, i wont judge (i can most likely relate :P(i wont bite either xdxd)) i'm always here for people in need and it also gives me a better perspective of life. i enjoy alot of old games because of that nostalgic feel, i've been a gamer forever and dont know when i'll stop. That is all my good samaritans!!

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  • DDQ75

    Project Pokemon Auras

    December 29, 2017 by DDQ75
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  • TheFloatingLugia


    December 25, 2017 by TheFloatingLugia

    Something Strange is Going on in roblox. If i buy a item that costs robux, i cant bought it. Why??

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  • FastMinecraft2016

    Hi! So, I was reading blog posts a week ago, and I realized Mettaton8 hosted a trivia thing (its pretty much dead) so I thought I'd jut do a reboot.


    If you get a question wrong or dont answer (limit is 3 days) you get a strike

    3 strikes = out

    4 players max

    Winner is last standing or gets most points!

    signup in comments below

    alright 1st question for 10 points

    What was Wish_z's 1st username?

    Deadline is december 24

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  • TheFloatingLugia

    Someone Edited my Profile named Script_ing. Here is the Evidence:

    See that Image over there?

    I Know him. He is the Creator who Copied Brick Bronze and Created the Game "Pokemon Breeze". Pokemon Breeze is a Fun game when Brick Bronze is Full of Legendaries and Mythicals are Starters. It has been Deleted for many Times. He is totally creating a game named "Pokemon: Creation of Zygarde. The Brick Bronze and Project Pokemon Combined. I Don't know why he is Copying the Pokemon Games in ROBLOX. But he is totally a Hacker. Maybe he Opened the Workspace in Brick Bronze and Copied all the Scripts and Datas.

    He even Edited my Profile Like that Image over there. When Bluetorch Gets all my Data in my Profile Back. Also Thanks to @Bluetorch5432 for gettin…

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  • TheFloatingLugia


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  • TheFloatingLugia

    Renamed my Name...

    December 17, 2017 by TheFloatingLugia

    What dayya think to my Username? TheFloatingLugia? Well, I Have to wait for 2-3 days to rename.

    What dayya think? Vote 1-10 but no Bad Words

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  • TheFloatingLugia

    Weeg Weeg Weeg!

    December 16, 2017 by TheFloatingLugia

    I JUST EARNED THE TURTWIG BADGE!. Comment below what do you want to say for me.

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  • TheFloatingLugia

    Q&A Blog

    December 11, 2017 by TheFloatingLugia

    Hello Everyone! This is my Q&A BLOG POST. Which you can vote the polls.

    You can vote the polls below! Note that this blog may not give you robux. 

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  • Ultravenom17

    I finally finished a reliable Value calculator! The Alpha one was saying 3 tint raikou's were worth tint ray... so...


    95% accurate! Ill try and make it a bit more accurate soon

    and also,  TheFloatingLugia and  FastMinecraft2016, you will learn something this time

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  • TheFloatingLugia

    I Challenge You!

    December 7, 2017 by TheFloatingLugia

    Welcome to SkaterboyGamerTV 's "I CHALLENGE YOU"

    In this blog is different. You'll see.

    I Challenge you to..

    Find a Doodle Aura Pokemons like:




    I Challenge you to..

    Find Pokemons Like:



    ========COMING SOON FOR MORE=============

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  • TheFloatingLugia




    "I added Randomizer and Randomizer Nuzlocke. If you have 2 badges on your main save file, you can access "Other Game Modes" on the start screen. Please note that each game mode uses a different save file, so your main save file won't be affected at all."


    @VoltzyBC - "is it me or wish is copying pbb with the randomizer mode?"

    @LycanNightmare - "Both of you are wrong. If any one was copying anybody, both wish and Lando would be copying pokemon red. Lando didn't invent the randomizer, and Wish didn't invent the nuzlocke challenge."

    @RbxUltraujarlit - "Copyright"


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  • QueenCupcake025


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