Cerulean City is the third city a trainer will encounter. The city's Gym Leader is Misty, a professional Water-type Pokémon trainer.

Notable Events


The Move Relearner can re-teach a Pokémon of your choice a series of moves that it has learned before. It is free to relearn a move.

TM 'Rest'

A steep brown slope can be seen at the left side of the city. Talk to the Sleeping Girl on the slope to get the TM Rest.

Notable Places

Cerulean Gym

Cerulean Gym is a Water-type Gym led by Misty. To battle Misty, you must battle another trainer first. After you have defeated Misty, she will reward you with the second badge: The Cascade Badge.


TrainerPokémon Level Type
Lass Amy 118MSGoldeen (Aura) 17 Water
Misty 120MSStaryu 20 Water
121MSStarmie 22 WaterPsychic


Item/Pokémon Location
175MSTogepi (Lvl 10) Talk to Misty again after you have defeated her
TM44: Rest Talk to the lady with purple wings.