Cinnabar Volcano connects up from Route 21, a route from Saffron City. The volcano is a large mountain, which takes quite a while to travel upwards upon. In place of the town located on Cinnabar Island, the original game's location, is a city on top of large rock-like supports, creating a 'Floating' City.

Notable Events

Obtaining Lugia

You can obtain Lugia by doing the following:

Talk to the NPC in black in Cinnabar Volcano's PokéCenter.

He will also give you a riddle/list as follows:

"Lazy bear. Dragonfly. Doctor. Fire bird. Magnets..."

Which means:

"Snorlax. Vibrava. ChanseyMoltres. Magneton."

Have these 5 Pokémon and an empty spot in your party and he will give you Lugia. (Possibly Shiny or Aura).

Obtaining Rotom

Rotom could be obtained in a 2015 event in which you could find it if you had a Ghost-type Pokémon and an Electric-type Pokémon in your party.This event is now over. Now, it is only obtainable through trading.

Notable Places

Cinnabar Gym


The Cinnabar Volcano Gym Leader is Blaine. He specializes in Fire-type Pokémon, and gives the Volcano Badge and TM Overheat when defeated. Once you have defeated him, you go back to Viridian City to battle the 8th gym leader, aka Giovanni.

Unlike other Gyms in-game, Cinnabar Volcano is the only location to not have a building designated for its Gym. Instead, players have to battle Blaine on top of the Cinnabar Volcano.

Illegal Pokemon Shop

One NPC will offer Pokémon to the player for Pokédollars. To shop with her, you must have at least 1 empty slot in your Party.

Pokémon Cost Obtainable In The Wild?
147MSDratini $15,000 Yes
125MSElectabuzz $35,000 Yes
126MSMagmar $35,000 Yes
143MSSnorlax $70,000 Yes
142MSAerodactyl $90,000 Yes
137MSPorygon $150,000 No
355MSDuskull $200,000 No
349MSFeebas $300,000 No

NPC Scientist

On top of the volcano, an NPC is located, if you talk to him he will give you information about Mega Evolution and will give you a free Pidgeotite; a Mega Stone used for mega evolving Pidgeot.

'Hunch' Areas/Ultra Beast

Hunch areas are Routes/Cities that have Legendary Pokémon roaming in the patches. Talk to the NPC in the last house and he will say, "I just have a feeling that ______ has a rare Pokémon! These hunches change frequently, so YOU should come back in a couple of minutes! On a completely UNRELATED note, my favorite Pokémon is ______!" The first blank states the Route or City that has the rare Pokémon and the second blank states the current Ultra Beast that can be found on that day.


Blaine 078MS Rapidash 65 Fire Volcano Badge,

TM Overheat

038MS Ninetales 66 Fire
136MS Flareon 67 Fire
006MS Charizard 70 FireFlying
126MS Magmar 71 Fire
059MS Arcanine 73 Fire


Name Type Rarity Location
051MSDugtrio Ground
Grass patches
075MSGraveler RockGround
Grass patches
067MSMachoke Fighting
Grass patches
126MSMagmar Fire
Grass patches
111MSRhyhorn GroundRock
Grass patches
028MSSandslash Ground
Grass patches
322MSNumel FireGround
Grass patches
757MSSalandit PoisonFire Rare Grass patches
131MSLapras WaterIce Rare Grass patches
146MSMoltres Fire Legendary Orange grass patches
378MSRegice Ice Legendary Grass patches

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