This article contains information on a Fakemon.

Fakemon are Pokémon that are not in the original games and created by fans. Note that they are not official Pokémon.

Dusaal Abraxus is a trainer NPC located in Route 8, in the corner where the the last trainer in the route is looking, adjacent to the entrance of Celadon City.

Aegis MKII

Dusaal abraxus

Dusuaal Abraxus is located in a corner of Route 8.

Dusaal Abraxus only has one Pokemon on his team - Aegis MK11- A Pokemon with abnormally high stats and high powered moves.

  • Level 100
  • Not affected by Destiny Bond.
  • Not affected by Transform.
  • Yields 2 Attack EVs when defeated.

Known Moves

Move Base power* Type Category Notes
Flame Spear 180 Fire Special 50% burn, 50% flinch (can be both).
Freeze Cannon 180 Ice Special 50% freeze.
Bullet Spray 75 (hits 2-3 times) Steel Physical -hits 2 - 3 times, all hits have a 50% chance to lower defense by 1 stage.

-Base power boosted to 112.5 with same type attack bonus. (Total is 225)

Repair --- Steel Status Recovers ~75% of full health, removes additional effects in battle.

*Until actual stats are known, Base Power of moves were calculated using stats below.

Base Stats

The Base Stats for this entity have been confirmed in this video. (Note that wish_z is on the server, as he spawned it for this youtuber)

Its base stat total is 770, making it even higher than Arceus' base stats, but lower than Mewtwo-Mega-X or Mewtwo-Mega-Y's base stats.

Stat Value Notes
HP 150 ---
Attack 140 Irregular EVs/IVs, is likely above 31 IVs and 252 EVs.
Defense 120 Irregular EVs/IVs, is likely above 31 IVs and 252 EVs.
Special Attack 140 Irregular EVs/IVs, is likely above 31 IVs and 252 EVs.
Special Defense 120 Irregular EVs/IVs, is likely above 31 IVs and 252 EVs.
Speed 100 Irregular EVs/IVs, is likely above 31 IVs and 252 EVs.

Type Effectiveness

Effectiveness Type(s)
Weaknesses Fire
Resistances Dark, Fairy, Flying, Ice,

Grass, Normal, Psychic, Rock

Extreme Resistances Bug
Immunity Dragon, Ground, Poison



  • Although fast (385), positive base 126 speed Pokemon can outspeed it (Deoxys-S ,Electrode ,Timid Mewtwo,Etc...)
  • Despite great type coverage in its offensive moves, all of Aegis MKII's moves don't hit fire or water types well, meaning that bulky fire or water types can often survive more than one or two hits. Heatran is a great choice on a team, as it is immune to Flame Spear and double resists Freeze Cannon and Bullet spray.
  • Aegis MKII can use Repair to eliminate everything you've done to it except stat changing moves done to it.


Method 1 - Paralyze and Reduce Speed Strategy

Since Aegis MK11 isn't the fastest Pokemon in game, you can still outspeed it. Pokemon over 385 speed can guarantee a first turn thunder wave on Aegis MKII. The lead Pokemon will more often than not immediately faint or land an extra hit before fainting, where a Pokemon with a speed reducing move like rock tomb or icy wind can come in and reduce Aegis MKII's speed to a manageable level (254) even after it uses Repair to cure its paralysis. After this, the remaining Pokemon on your team should be able to wear down Aegis MKII and faint it.

Method 2 - The Leech Seed Strategy

You just need to use Thunder Wave on Aegis and use Leech Seed and see what happens when the pokemon that used Leech Seed faints.I will guarantee to you that this MAY NOT WORK if your pokemon aren't strong enough. The percentage of this working is about 60% for regular/Good Pokemon and about 81% for EV and IV trained stuff

Method 3 - The V-Create Strategy

You need to take a Level 100 Victini, EV Trained in Attack and Speed, a Chandelure EV'D in Sp.Attack and Speed (Training the Chandelure in speed is optional.) and also take a Deoxys-S, with the move Thunder Wave. Enter battle, with the Deoxys-S in the first slot. Use Thunder Wave, and when Deoxys dies, switch to Victini. Use V-Create. Victini can tank Flame Spear, and maybe Freeze Cannon. If it is alive for another turn, use V-Create again. This might fail but it will work at times. Once Victini dies, use Chandelure and use Overheat. By then, Aegis MKII will be dead. This has a 85% chance to work, as Aegis MKII knows the move Repair


Encountering Dusaal Abraxus before battling:

"A mere mortal dares meddle in the affairs of the Dusaal? You must be the mortals my servants are talking about. I'll show you the true power of the Dusaal!" <The entity attacks!>

Rematch with Dusaal Abraxus before battling:

"You've returned to fight me!? You do not know who you are dealing with! I'll show you the true power of the Dusaal!"

After Defeating Dusaal Abraxus:

"xibu ibqqfofe?" (what happened?)

"A mere mortal defeated the mighty Aegis MKII. Looks like this world is actually worth taking... For defeating me, mortal, I shall give you a reward. I do not know what you mortals like..."

*awards player $280,000(without 'more pokedollars' gamepass)/$17249 (rematch victory without 'more pokedollars' gamepass)*