Erika is the fourth Gym Leader you encounter in your journey. She is located in Celadon City and is a Grass-type specialist.

Battle Tips

Since Victreebel and Vileplume are part Poison type, it might be useful to bring a Psychic type as it is super effective against Poison types.

Victreebel and Vileplume will try to inflict a status on your pokemon by using Poison or Sleep Powder, so watch out for that.

Tangela knows the move Power Whip, which is a VERY powerful grass type move, keep that in mind.


Pokémon Lvl Type Weakness Resistance Immunity
114MS Tangela 38 Grass Fire, Ice, Poison,

Flying, Bug

Water, Electric,

Grass, Ground

071MS Victreebel 40 Grass, Poison Fire, Ice,

Psychic, Flying

Water, Electric,

Grass, Fighting

045MS Vileplume 42 Grass, Poison Fire, Ice,

Psychic, Flying

Water, Electric,

Grass, Fighting,


Elegant Valley





Venusaur. Sceptile

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