Events happen occasionally, usually at holidays, only for a short period of time. 

Past Events

July 4th Event

The July 4th Update! For the next week or so, you can encounter these types of Auras at a 1/15 rate: America, American, Canadian, Moon Landing, Liberty, Fireworks, Sparklers, Eagle ( 37 Pokemon have these auras). Once the July 4th update is over, these will be retired. America Darkrai also has this increased probability, however will also be retired at the conclusion of the event.

Aura Converter Event

If you go to the 2nd floor in Mysterious Grotto's Battle Tower, you'll see an NPC of wish_z.

When you interact with him, he'll ask you to give him 64 BP for a recolor of one of the Weather Trio, which are Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza.

Easter Event

You could find these Pokémon if you had a Pokémon that had to do with Easter (ex. Buneary):


The Weird Looking Guys Event

Pokémon you could obtain:


Spawn Message [Server]: "A rare Pokémon has appeared in Route __!"

ROBLOX- Project Pokemon - How to get a free shiny Druddigon!(June 2016)

ROBLOX- Project Pokemon - How to get a free shiny Druddigon!(June 2016)

Watch this video for how to get Druddigon. This Event is now over!

Pewter City's Druddigon Event

621MS How to Obtain Druddigon

Go to Pewter City's PokéCenter and talk to the NPC in green. He will say 'The Project Pokemon Community Group has reached 100,000 Members! Get a free Shiny Druddigon?'

Pokémon you could obtain:


Roblox (Project Pokemon) How to catch Rotom

Roblox (Project Pokemon) How to catch Rotom

How to Find Rotom

Cinnabar Volcano's Rotom Event

479MS How to Obtain Rotom

Rotom used to be obtained in a 2015 event where you needed to have a Ghost-type or an Electric-type Pokémon in your party and search in grass patches of Cinnabar Volcano.

When you find a Rotom a dialog will appear prior to the battle saying "Something was attracted by the Electricity and Spookiness of your Pokemon!". Rotom will then be encountered.

Pokémon you could obtain:


Pewter City's Thundurus and Shuckle Event

213MSHow to Obtain Thundurus and Shuckle

Roblox Project Pokemon - Thundurus & Shuckle Event!

Roblox Project Pokemon - Thundurus & Shuckle Event!

Thundurus and Shuckle used to be obtained in Pewter City's PokéCenter. It was an event in where 2 NPCs would ask you if you have a certain Pokemon (maybe Legendaries/Rare/Commons) that you would trade for either a Shuckle or a Thundurus.

Pokémon you could obtain:

642MS Thundurus
213MS Shuckle

Halloween Event 2016 [link to article]

Last October 2016, there was an Event in where you could encounter the "Headless Horseman" which would let you choose 3 Pokémon that you can battle and catch. The 3 Pokémon that you could either catch or battle are Darumaka, Chatot or Poochyena.

Pokemon you could obtain:

261MS Poochyena
554MS Darumaka
441MS Chatot

Christmas Event 2016

In December 2016, A new area was added, Snow Canyon, where you could battle Red, the famous character from the games and Pokemon Origins. You can also find new Pokémon like the Ash has in the Anime, Hawlucha.

This area is permanent.

Pokemon you can obtain:

698MSAmaura 699MSAurorus 701MSHawlucha
697MSTyrantrum 225MSDelibird 124MSJynx
754MS Lurantis 696MSTyrunt 753MS Fomantis

Valentines Day Event

During this event that ran through all of February you could find any Pokémon having a 'Heart Aura'.

RobloxScreenShot02102017 225656623
RobloxScreenShot02122017 083258698
RobloxScreenShot02192017 150307623

Genesect Event

Every 10 minutes, there was a chance depending on the amount of players in a server that an event Pokemon will spawn. It is announced in blue text by the server in the chat.

Every 10 minutes, if you're lucky and hit the chance, the chat will say: "A rare Pokémon has appeared on __!" (The blank being a Route). The first person to encounter a wild Pokémon on the route will encounter the event Pokémon and the server will say: "______" found the rare Pokemon!" (The blank being the username of the person who found it). The text of this sentence (Red or Purple) determines which Pokemon they have found meaning Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf in Red and Genesect in Purple. Once the first person encounters, you have to wait another 10 minutes for the next spawn message. The Pokémon will almost always be Uxie, Mesprit or Azelf, with a little chance of instead encountering Genesect.

Table of Probabilities
Players 0 1 2 3 4 - 5 6 - 7 8 - 9 10 - 11 12 13+
Chance 0.01% 4% 6% 10% 16% 20% 25% 33% 50% 100%

Obtainable Pokémon
Chance Pokémon
49/50 (98%) 480MS
1/50 (2%) 649MS

Halloween/Xmas 2017 Event

In 2017 an entity by the name of the Headless Horseman and Santa would spawn in a random area in the map. If you found this entity and spoke to it it would make it so the next Pokémon you found would be an Aura (Reskin) or if you got lucky you would get a Hoopa.