Farfetch'd is a NormalFlying-type Pokémon introduced in Generation I. It is also known as the 'Wild Duck Pokémon'.

How to Obtain

Farfetch'd can be found in Fuchsia City, exclusively in the fenced grass patch. It can also be obtained from the Pokémon Roulette, or by trading.


Farfetch'd doesn't evolve.


Move Power Accuracy Type
Wing Attack 60 100 Flying
Quick Attack 40 100 Normal
Leaf Blade 90 100 Grass
Swords Dance - - Normal
False Swipe 40 100 Normal

Type Effectiveness

Effectiveness Type
Extreme Weaknesses (x4) None
Weaknesses Electric, Ice, Rock
Resistances Bug, Grass
Extreme Resistances (1/4) None
Immunity Ghost, Ground

Recolor Gallery

American Farfetchd

American Farfetch'd made by pinoyguys123

Cook Farfetchd

Cook Farfetch'd made by HeartlessPrincess

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