Project Pokemon- Fire Absorb Stuff00:19

Project Pokemon- Fire Absorb Stuff

Litwick, why you no heal me?

When a Pokémon with the ability 'Flame Absorb' is hit by a Fire-type move, the Pokémon is healed by a 1/4 of its maximum HP, and the move has no effect. If the Pokémon already has maximum HP, the move does nothing.

Pokémon with this Ability

As Flame Absorb is a temporary ability for Pokémon with 'Flash Fire', Pokémon that have 'Flash Fire' in the traditional games have 'Flame Absorb' in Project Pokemon. Pokémon that have other abilities in the Project Pokemon game will have those instead of Flame Absorb (ex: Arcanine and Growlithe will have 'Intimidate' instead of 'Flame Absorb').

Pokemon Type
037MS Vulpix Fire
038MS Ninetales Fire
077MS Ponyta Fire
078MS Rapidash Fire
136MS Flareon Fire
228MS Houndour DarkFire
229MS Houndoom DarkFire
485MS Heatran FireSteel
607MS Litwick GhostFire
608MS Lampent GhostFire
609MS Chandelure GhostFire

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