Your rival, Gary, is one of the two people you first encounter (the other being Prof. Oak) Gary is Professor Oak's grandson.

Depending on which starter you pick, Gary will pick the one that has a type advantage over yours. For example, if you pick Charmander, he'll pick Squirtle.


Your first battle with Gary will take place in Professor Oak's lab after you choose your starter Pokemon. The starter Pokemon Gary chooses has a type advantage to yours.


Depending on the starter you choose, Gary will choose the Pokemon with the type advantage over yours.

If you choose Charmander004MS he will choose Squirtle007MS.

If you choose Squirtle007MS he will choose Bulbasaur001MS.

If you choose Bulbasaur001MS he will choose Charmander004MS.

Note: If you pick a starter from Gen 2 or another generation, Gary will pick a Gen 1 starter.

2nd Team:

Pokemon Level Type
016MSPidgey 9 Normal Flying

Starter Advantage

13 Grass or Fire or Water

3rd Team:

Pokemon Level Type
017MSPidgeotto 32 Normal Flying
005MSCharmeleon 32 Fire
008MSWartortle 32 Water
002MSIvysaur 32 Grass

4th Team

  • Pidgeot lv. 57
  • Nidoking lv. 59
  • Golem lv. 60
  • Venusuar lv. 63
  • Charizard lv. 63
  • blastoise lv. 63

Champion Team:

Pokemon Level Type
376MSMetagross 100 Steel Psychic
248MSTyranitar 100 Rock Dark
289MSSlaking 100 Normal
065MSAlakazam 100 Psychic
445MSGarchomp 100 Dragon Ground
493MSArceus 100 Normal