Giovanni is the Gym Leader of Viridian City and the leader of Team Rocket. He is a Ground-type Gym Leader. Giovanni can also be found at the top floor of Pokemon Tower.

There is also a second battle which he mimics your own Pokemon, so you'll have to fight your Pokemon's duplicates before receiving the badge IF ANY of your Pokemon are level 90+


Pokémon Lvl Weakness Resistance Type Immunity
076MS Golem 77 Fighting,Ground,



Normal, Fire, Poison,

Flying, Rock

Rock, Ground Electric
051MS Dugtrio 78 Ice, Grass, Water Poison, Rock Ground Electric
034MS Nidoking 78 Ground,Ice,Water,Psychic Fighting,Poison,Rock,


Poison, Ground Electric
031MS Nidoqueen 78 Ground,Ice,Water,Psychic Fighting, Poison, Rock,

Bug, Fairy

Poison,Ground Electric
112MS Rhydon 81 Fighting, Steel, Ground, Ice,

Grass, Water

Flying,Rock,Normal,Fire,Poison Ground, Rock Electric
150MS Mewtwo 85 Ghost, Dark, Bug Fighting, Psychic Psychic None

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