The Halloween Event was an event in October 2016. It began on 13th October 2016.


You could find an NPC named 'The Headless Horseman', who would appear in a random route on the map occasionally. His arrival would be announced in chat.

When interacted with, he would offer you a choice of 3 Pokemon for him to summon. The Pokemon which you could choose from were Chatot, Poochyena, and Darumaka.

Pokemon Type
554MSDarumaka Fire
441MSChatot FlyingNormal
261MSPoochyena Dark

Currently, they are only obtainable only by Roulette or trading.


Date Occurence
10 October, 2016 158MSCode: "Totally" - Gave Totodile
13 October, 2016 Halloween Event is declared on Twitter.

The event begins on this day.

16 October, 2016 Community group hits 700k members.
31 October, 2016 This day was Halloween.
1 November, 2016 The Halloween Event officially ends.

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