Here are some helpful pages you can use! - This page tells you all that you need to know about Pokemon swarms, and how rare some swarms are! - This page tells you where most of the Pokemon in Project: Pokemon are found, and it even tells you which are in the game and which aren't! - This page tells you everything you need to know about past codes, and shows the current code(s)! - This page lists all the Abilities and how much Pokemon learn them! - This page shows you how to finish Project: Pokemon easily! - This page teaches you how to beat the Elite Four! - Lists Legendary Pokemon! - Lists Pokemon, and says whether ingame or not! - Lists Routes, and where they are! - Lists cities, and everything you need to know about them! - This page also teaches you how to beat the game!,_IV_Training_and_Natures - Teaches about EV's and IV's - Shows how and where to get Ultra Beasts - Shows how to get TM's and what they are.

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