Indigo Plateau is where you can battle the Elite Four and Champion Gary. You must have 8 badges to enter Victory Road which then leads to Indigo Plateau.

Notable Events

Elite Four

Talk to one of the two guards inside the hut in Indigo Plateau to battle the Elite Four which then moves on to Champion Gary. The PokéCenter is unavailable during your battle with the Elite Four until you defeat all members or are defeated yourself.


Giratina-O can be obtained by talking to the grey NPC standing outside. The requirements are having a normal Giratina and a Palkia or Dialga and an empty spot in your Party.


Regigigas can be obtained by talking to the NPC inside the Hut with a crown. The requirements are Regice, Regirock, and Registeel and an empty spot in your Party.

Notable Places

Snow Canyon

Snow Canyon was built for the 2016 Christmas Event and is still open to players. Indigo Plateau is entrance to the area, but you must complete a series of missions in order to pass the invisible barricade. This is now free for anyone who has 8 badges.

Elegant Valley

There is an NPC inside the Hut to teleport you to Elegant Valley where you can EV and IV train your Pokémon and view their IVs and EVs.