Intimidate lowers the opponent's Attack stat by one stage upon entering the battle (Att x0.67 at -1)

Pokémon with this Ability

Pokemon Type
023MS Ekans Poison
024MS Arbok Poison
058MS Growlithe Fire
059MS Arcanine Fire
128MS Tauros Normal
130MS Gyarados WaterFlying
234MS Stantler Normal
237MS Hitmontop Fighting
262MS Mightyena Dark
310MMS Mega Manectric Electric
373MS Salamence DragonFlying
397MS Staravia NormalFlying
398MS Staraptor NormalFlying
403MS Shinx Electric
404MS Luxio Electric
405MS Luxray Electric
507MS Herdier Normal
508MS Stoutland Normal
551MS Sandile GroundDark
552MS Krokorok GroundDark
553MS Krookodile GroundDark

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