Iso Bots

The Robo-Champion Center adjacent to the Saffron City PokéCenter is an area used to gain EVs and Experience.

There are a few Iso Bots you can battle:

  • Iso_Hp
  • Iso_Attack
  • Iso_Defense
  • Iso_SpAttack
  • Iso_SpDefense
  • Iso_Speed
  • Iso

Like the name says, the Iso bot that has *ev* helps with *pokemon* *ev* stat.

The Iso bots are widely used, especially the regular Iso bot and the Iso_Speed.

The Iso bots have level two pokemon in their teams, except Iso, who has a full team of level 100 Audino.

Iso uses Audino, which when fainted gives 14 thousand exp, comparable to Aegis MKII.