Jasmine is a gym leader you encounter in Elegant Valley and is a Steel-type specialist. She gives the TM Flash Cannon.


Pokémon Lvl Type Weaknesses Resistances Immunity
462MSMagnezone 100 ElectricSteel Fighting, Fire, Ground (4x) Bug, Dragon, Electric, Fairy, Flying (¼x), Grass, Ice, Normal, Psychic, Rock, Steel (¼x) Poison
632MSDurant 100 BugSteel Fire (4x) Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Grass (¼x), Ice, Normal, Psychic, Rock, Steel Poison
395MSEmpoleon 100 WaterSteel Electric, Fighting, Ground Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Flying, Ice (¼x), Normal, Psychic, Rock, Steel (¼x), Water Poison
306MSAggron 100 SteelRock Fighting (4x), Ground (4x), Water Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Flying (¼x), Ice, Normal (¼x), Psychic, Rock Poison
437MSBronzong 100 SteelPsychic Dark, Fire, Ghost Dragon, Fairy, Flying, Grass, Ice, Normal, Psychic (¼x), Rock, Steel Ground, Poison
376MSMetagross 100 SteelPsychic Dark, Fire, Ghost, Ground Dragon, Fairy, Grass, Ice, Normal, Psychic (¼x), Rock, Steel Poison

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