The Kanto Taxi Service allows players to teleport to cities in which you have won a Gym badge or you have just visited them. However, you cannot teleport to some cities (like Lavender Town) even if you have visited it and have not won the Gym badge. The taxi service is usually located outside of the Pokecenter.

The Taxi Service is just like the move Fly in the original games.


City/Area How to unlock access
Viridian City Unlocked at game start
Pewter City Defeat Brock, the Rock-type Gym Leader
Cerulean City Defeat Misty, the Water-type Gym Leader
Vermillion City Defeat Lt.Surge, the Electric-type Gym Leader
Lavender Town Cannot be accessed
Celadon City Defeat Erika, the Grass-type Gym Leader
Fuchsia City Defeat Koga, the Poison-type Gym Leader
Saffron City Defeat Sabrina, the Psychic-type Gym Leader
Cinnabar Volcano Defeat Blaine, the Fire-type Gym Leader
Mysterious Grotto Talk to the person with green antlers in Celadon City's PokéCenter
Indigo Plateau Talk to the Police Officer in Indigo Plateau after crossing Victory Road
Elegant Valley Talk to the person in purple in Indigo Plateau's hut
Mausoleum of Origins Defeat Kentucky Smith, an archaeologist in a tent in Fuchsia City.
Social Park Unlocked automatically. The Service here is only able to teleport you back to Kanto.


The Taxi Service is free.

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