Koga is the gym leader in Fuchsia City, and the 5th leader of Project: Pokémon, he's a ninja that focuses on poison types, and he is more than just powerful.

You will also have to go through a maze to access him.

Beating Methods

At first it might be easy, but his pokemon are prepared to defend against types they're disadvantages against, But just in-case, you should bring a Template:Steel type or two, because Poison type moves have no effect on them, and for the offensive, use Psychic and Ground types however, Gengar, and Weezing have levitate so Ground moves won't work on them.

Poison will be a common status inflictment in this match, so make sure to bring lots of antidotes and potions.


Pokémon Lvl Weakness Resistance Immunity Type Notes
110MS Weezing 47 Psychic

Fighting, Poison,

Bug, Grass, Fairy

Ground Poison Levitate
049MS Venomoth 47 Psychic, Flying, Rock, Fire Fighting, Poison,

Bug, Grass, Fairy

None Poison,


024MS Arbok 50 Psychic, Ground Fighting, Poison,

Bug, Grass, Fairy

None Poison
089MS Muk 53 Psychic, Ground Fighting, Poison,

Bug, Grass, Fairy

None Poison
094MS Gengar 57 Psychic, Ghost, Dark Poison, Bug,

Grass, Fairy,Normal, Fighting, Ground

Ground Poison,




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