Lieutenant Surge, or, preferably, Lt. Surge, is the 3rd Gym Leader in Project: Pokemon. He is located in Vermillion City and is an Electric-type specialist.


Pokémon Lvl Type Weakness Resistance Immunity
101MS Voltorb 23 Electric Ground Flying, Electric, Steel None
082MSMagneton 25 Electric, Steel Fire,

Fighting, Ground

Flying, Grass, Electric,

Bug, Ice, Rock, Psychic, Steel, Fairy

026MS Raichu 30 Electric Ground Flying, Electric, Steel None

Beating Methods

Consider training a Ground type Pokémon, as it is super-effective to Electric types; you can catch 095MSOnix and 074MSGeodude outside of Lavender Town or in Mt. Moon. It is also very helpful to have your party all around Lvl. 30, as Lt. Surge's team is around lvl 30 as well.

Elegant Valley Manectric, Luxray, Jolteon, Rotom-Fan, Eelektross, Electivire,

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