Mega Evolutions are a feature in Project: Pokemon. It was first implemented in version 1.7.0.



Pidgeot using the Pidgeotite to Mega Evolve

Mega Evolution is a temporary evolution which changes both the Pokémon's sprite as well as its stats. This can be done by giving the Pokémon their corresponding Mega Stone as a held item. In battle, a turquoise button below the action buttons will be visible, giving you the option to Mega Evolve your Pokémon. You are still able to use a move during the same turn.

Pokemon that Mega Evolve

Pokémon Evolves using Evolves into
359MS Absol Bag Absolite Sprite Absolite 359MMS Mega Absol
142MS Aerodactyl Bag Aerodactylite Sprite Aerodactylite 142MMS Mega Aerodactyl
306MS Aggron Bag Aggronite Sprite Aggronite 306MMS Mega Aggron
065MS Alakazam Bag Alakazite Sprite Alakazite 065MMS Mega Alakazam
334MS Altaria Bag Altrianite Sprite Altarianite 334MMS Mega Altaria
181MS Ampharos Bag Ampharosite Sprite Ampharosite 181MMS Mega Ampharos
531MS Audino Bag Audinite Sprite Audinite 531MMS Mega Audino
354MS Banette Bag Banettite Sprite Banettite 354MMS Mega Banette
015MS Beedrill Bag Beedrillite Sprite Beedrillite 015MMS Mega Beedrill
009MS Blastoise Bag Blastoisinite Sprite Blastoisinite 009MMS Mega Blastoise
257MS Blaziken Bag Blazikenite Sprite Blazikenite 257MMS Mega Blaziken
323MS Camerupt Bag Cameruptite Sprite Cameruptite 323MMS Mega Camerupt
006MS Charizard Bag Charizardite X Sprite Charizardite X 006MXMS Mega Charizard X
Bag Charizardite Y Sprite Charizardite Y 006MYMS Mega Charizard Y
719MS Diancie Bag Diancite Sprite Diancite 719MMS Mega Diancie
475MS Gallade Bag Galladite Sprite Galladite 475MMS Mega Gallade
445MS Garchomp Bag Garchompite Sprite Garchompite 445MMS Mega Garchomp
282MS Gardevoir Bag Gardevoirite Sprite Gardevoirite 282MMS Mega Gardevoir
094MS Gengar Bag Gengarite Sprite Gengarite 094MMS Mega Gengar
362MS Glalie Bag Glalitite Sprite Glalitite 362MMS Mega Glalie
130MS Gyarados Bag Gyaradosite Sprite Gyaradosite 130MMS Mega Gyarados
214MS Heracross Bag Heracronite Sprite Heracronite 214MMS Mega Heracross
229MS Houndoom Bag Houndoominite Sprite Houndoominite 229MMS Mega Houndoom
428MS Lopunny Bag Lopunnite Sprite Lopunnite 428MMS Mega Lopunny
380MS Latias Bag Latiasite Sprite Latiasite 380MMS Mega Latias
381MS Latios Bag Latiosite Sprite Latiosite 381MMS Mega Latios
448MS Lucario Bag Lucarionite Sprite Lucarionite 448MMS Mega Lucario
310MS Manetric Bag Manectite Sprite Manectite 310MMS Mega Manetric
303MS Mawile Bag Mawilite Sprite Mawilite 303MMS Mega Mawile
308MS Medicham Bag Medichamite Sprite Medichamite 308MMS Mega Medicham
376MS Metagross Bag Metagrossite Sprite Metagrossite 376MMS Mega Metagross
150MS Mewtwo Bag Mewtwonite X Sprite Mewtwonite X 150MXMS Mega Mewtwo X
Bag Mewtwonite Y Sprite Mewtwonite Y 150MYMS Mega Mewtwo Y
018MS Pidgeot Bag Pidgeotite Sprite Pidgeotite 018MMS Mega Pidgeot
127MS Pinsir Bag Pinsirite Sprite Pinsirite 127MMS Mega Pinsir
302MS Sableye Bag Sablenite Sprite Sablenite 302MMS Mega Sableye
373MS Salamence Bag Salamencite Sprite Salamencite 373MMS Mega Salamence
254MS Sceptile Bag Sceptilite Sprite Sceptilite 254MMS Mega Sceptile
212MS Scizor Bag Scizorite Sprite Scizorite 212MMS Mega Scizor
319MS Sharpedo Bag Sharpedonite Sprite Sharpedonite 319MMS Mega Sharpedo
080MS Slowbro Bag Slowbronite Sprite Slowbronite 080MMS Mega Slowbro
208MS Steelix Bag Steelixite Sprite Steelixite 208MMS Mega Steelix
260MS Swampert Bag Swampertite Sprite Swampertite 260MMS Mega Swampert
248MS Tyranitar Bag Tyranitarite Sprite Tyranitarite 248MMS Mega Tyranitar
003MS Venusaur Bag Venusaurite Sprite Venusaurite 003MMS Mega Venusaur