Mewtwo is a Psychic-typeLegendaryPokémon introduced in Generation I. It is a member of the Mew duo along with Mew and is also known as the 'Genetic Pokémon'.

How to Obtain

Mewtwo can be found anywhere at anytime with a 1/1000 chance to find. With the Kanto Legendary Gamepass, you can find Mewtwo with a 1/100 chance anytime.

Mewtwo can also be obtained through trading or from the Pokémon Roulette.

There was a code that gave Mewtwo: 'Apologies'. (Please note that the code has now expired.)


Mewtwo can Mega evolve intoMega Mewtwo Xor into Mega Mewtwo Y which can only be obtained by wish_z himself or in random battles.

Evolves into Evolves using
Mega Mewtwo X
Bag Mewtwonite X Sprite
Mewtwonite X
Mega Mewtwo Y
Bag Mewtwonite Y Sprite
Mewtwonite Y

Type Effectiveness

Mewtwo and Mega Mewtwo Y

Effectiveness Type(s)
Weaknesses Bug, Dark, Ghost
Resistances Fighting, Psychic
Immunity None

Mega Mewtwo X

Effectiveness Type(s)
Weaknesses Fairy, Flying, Ghost
Resistances Fighting, Rock
Immunity None


 Moves when caught may vary depending on level found and can also be taught by Move-Relearner 

PP Move Power Accuracy Type
10 Psychic 90 100% Psychic
10 Recover --- --% Normal
10 Shadow Ball 80 100% Ghost
20 Amnesia --- --% Psychic
25 Confusion 50 100% Psychic
25 Safeguard --- --% Normal
20 Swift 60 --% Normal
10 Psych Up --- --% Normal
20 Aura Sphere 80 100% Fighting
10 Power Swap --- --% Psychic
20 Barrier --- --% Psychic
20 Psycho Cut 70 100% Psychic
30 Mist --- --% Ice
10 Psystrike 100 100% Psychic

Recolor Gallery

Corrupted Mewtwo

Corrupted Mewtwo made by Iso

Karate Mewtwo

Karate Mewtwo made by HeartlessPrincess

Radioactive Mewtwo

Radioactive Mewtwo made by Rue_n

Bionic Mewtwo

Bionic Mewtwo made by Zraktovian

Gemstone Mewtwo

Gemstone Mewtwo made by Lurantise

Diamond Mewtwo

Diamond Mewtwo made by Zraktovian

Shadow Mewtwo

Shadow Mewtwo made by DeviousSynx

American Mewtwo

American Mewtwo made by CookieTLG

Space Mewtwo

Space Mewtwo made by Geodracula

Galaxy Mewtwo

Galaxy Mewtwo made by ILIAisa

Familiar Mewtwo

Familiar Mewtwo made by pinoyguys123

Googley Eyed Mewtwo

Googley Eyed Mewtwo made by redonu

Gargoyle Mewtwo

Gargoyle Mewtwo made by manalojeanclaude

Chimera Mewtwo

Chimera Mewtwo made by Galleon57

Voltage Mewtwo

Voltage Mewtwo made by robloxwizard1234

Scientist Mewtwo

Scientist Mewtwo made by DeviousSynx

Demon Mewtwo

Demon Mewtwo made by robloxwizard1234

Doodle Mewtwo

Doodle Mewtwo made by thathumastvelenthoi

Fox Mewtwo

Fox Mewtwo made by broodjelekker

Cyber Mewtwo

Cyber Mewtwo made by MartinGR2013

Whiteout Mewtwo

Whiteout Mewtwo made by SynYuno

Ninja Mewtwo

Ninja Mewtwo made by ROZAYED

Rage Mewtwo

Rage Mewtwo made by skyfury80

Energy Mewtwo

Energy Mewtwo made by MagicShrimps

Alien Mewtwo

Alien Mewtwo made by robloxwizard1234

Eldritch Mewtwo

Eldritch Mewtwo made by catsrule2004


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