Pokédollars is the currency used in Project: Pokémon. You can use Pokédollars to buy Items from the PokéMart or buy Pokémon from trainers.

How to Earn

  1. Fainting a wild Pokémon
  2. Capturing a wild Pokémon
    Images M
  3. Defeating trainers through your Pokémon journey
  4. Bought using Robux in Special Shop

Uses of Pokédollars

You can use Pokédollars in the PokéMart (building with blue roof) or use it to buy Pokémon from trainers through your Pokémon journey. You can also use Pokedollars to use the Pokeboosters.


  • You cannot earn Pokédollars from Gym battles
  • You can earn Pokédollars from battling the Elite Four and Champion Gary

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