The Pokémon Tower is a distinguishably tall yellow and blue building located in Lavender Town. It serves as a graveyard for Pokémon who have passed, as the lady on the bottom floor states.

There are 6 stories in the tower, each having an unorganized arrangement of gravestones. They are connected with ladders.

4:12PM 12/02/2017

:12PM 12/02/2017

4:12PM 12/02/2017

4:12PM 12/02/2017


Gary 017MSPidgeotto 32 NormalFlying N/A
002MSIvysaur 32 Grass
005MSCharmeleon 32 Fire
008MSWartortle 32 Water
Rocket Grunt Tyler 020MSRaticate 26 Normal $ 750
Rocket Grunt D'Marcus 100MSVoltorb (x5) 10/12/14/16/23 Electric $ 750
Rocket Grunt Maximillion 033MSNidorino 25 Poison $ 750
075MSGraveler 25 RockGround
Giovanni 095MSOnix 32 RockGround N/A
076MSGolem 34 RockGround
034MSNidoking 36 PoisonGround


Pokemon Rarity Notes
092MS Gastly
104MS Cubone
200MS Misdreavus
442MS Spiritomb
Talk to the guy on the 4th floor (Champion Badge required)
487MS Giratina
Champion Badge required to encounter

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