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Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon are Pokemon that have a BST (Base Stat Total) of 600 (Legendary Base Stat). They aren't considered Legendary Pokemon because they meet the Pseudo-Legendary Criteria which is shown below:

  • The Pokemon needs to be a 3 Stage Evolution.
  • The Pokemon's Base stat should be exactly 600.

Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon

Pokemon Type
376MSMetagross SteelPsychic
248MSTyranitar DarkRock
706MSGoodra Dragon
784MSKommo-O* DragonFighting
635MSHydreigon DragonDark
445MSGarchomp DragonGround
149MSDragonite DragonFlying
373MSSalamence DragonFlying

Note: All Pokemon above with * in its name means it is currently isn't in Project Pokemon.

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