Pure Power and Huge Power doubles the pokemon actual attack stat. For example, Azumarill with a maximum attack of 218 will then double to 436, making the attack power almost 150.

Pokemon with this Ability

Pokemon Type Base Attack Stat Max Attack Stat After Huge Power/Pure Power Boost (level 100, + Nature, 252 Att EVs, 31 Attack IVs)
183MS Marill WaterFairy 20 236
184MS Azumarill WaterFairy 60 482
307MS Meditite FightingPsychic 40 392
308MS Medicham FightingPsychic 60 482
308MMS MegaMedicham FightingPsychic 100 656
303MMS MegaMawile SteelFairy 105 678
659MS Bunnelby Normal 36 376
660MS Diggersby NormalGround 56 464


Be careful around these Pokemon in PvP battles. Respect the power they have and fight accordingly.