This page contains most templates with the Syntax and the link to their source code.


Pokemon Type Templates

*Categorising Template: These templates will categorise the page it is put in, into a Specific Category.

*Non-Categorising Template: These templates will not categorise the page it is put in, into a Specific Category.

Categorising Template Non-Categorising Template Categorising Template Non-Categorising Template
Bug {{Bug}} {{Color-Bug}} Template: Bug Template: Color-Bug
Dark {{Dark}} {{Color-Dark}} Template: Dark Template: Color-Dark
Dragon {{Dragon}} {{Color-Dragon}} Template: Dragon Template: Color-Dragon
Electric {{Electric}} {{Color-Electric}} Template: Electric Template: Color-Electric
Fairy {{Fairy}} {{Color-Fairy}} Template: Fairy Template: Color-Fairy
Fighting {{Fighting}} {{Color-Fighting}} Template: Fighting Template: Color-Fighting
Fire {{Fire}} {{Color-Fire}} Template: Fire Template: Color-Fire
Flying {{Flying}} {{Color-Flying}} Template: Flying Template: Color-Flying
Ghost {{Ghost}} {{Color-Ghost}} Template: Ghost Template: Color-Ghost
Grass {{Grass}} {{Color-Grass}} Template: Grass Template: Color-Grass
Ground {{Ground}} {{Color-Ground}} Template: Ground Template: Color-Ground
Ice {{Ice}} {{Color-Ice}} Template: Ice Template: Color-Ice
Normal {{Normal}} {{Color-Normal}} Template: Normal Template: Color-Normal
Poison {{Poison}} {{Color-Poison}} Template: Poison Template: Color-Poison
Psychic {{Psychic-T}} {{Color-Psychic}} Template: Psychic-T Template: Color-Psychic
Rock {{Rock}} {{Color-Rock}} Template: Rock Template: Color-Rock
Steel {{Steel}} {{Color-Steel}} Template: Steel Template: Color-Steel
Water {{Water}} {{Color-Water}} Template: Water Template: Color-Water