Regice is an Ice-typeLegendaryPokémon and is also known as the 'Iceberg Pokémon'. Along with Regirock and Registeel, Regice is a member of the Regi Trio.

How to Obtain

Regice can be found in the grass patches at Cinnabar Volcano.

Regice can also be obtained with the code 'IceCold', assuming the player has more than 6 badges. The code is tradelocked meaning it cannot be traded. It has now expired.


Regice does not evolve.


Note: Moves when caught may vary depending on level found and can also be taught by Move-Relearner

Move Power Accuracy Type
Ice Beam 90 100% Ice
Focus Punch 150 100% Fighting
Rest - -% Psychic
Blizzard 110 70% Ice
Ice Shard 40 100% Ice
Icy Wind 55 95% Ice
Ice Ball 30 90% Ice
Zap Cannon 120 50% Electric
Powder Snow 40 100% Ice
Hyper Beam 150 90% Normal

Moves that can be taught using TM's

Move Power Accuracy Type
Brick Break 75 100% Fighting
Earthquake 100 100% Ground
Ice Punch 75 100% Ice
Signal Beam 75 100% Bug
Hidden Power 60 100% Normal

Recolor Gallery

Crayon Regice

Crayon Regice made by Steamyyy

Night Sky Regice

Galaxy Regice made by Skulldomo

Spirit Regice

Spirit Regice made by Supercache123

Corrupted Regice

Corrupted Regice made by halwa

Chocolate Regice

Chocolate Regice made by Adbrosss123

Fairy Regice

Fairy Regice made by gamerellis6001

Abomination Regice

Abomination Regice made by Lurantise

Christmas Tree Regice

Christmas Tree Regice made by halwa