Route 1 is a Route which starts at Pallet Town and ends at Viridian City. It is the first Route the player will encounter.


NamePokemonLevelVictory Reward
Bug Catcher Joey 010MS Caterpie 4 $ 500
013MS Weedle 4
Youngster Danny 016MS Pidgey (x2) 4 $ 500
Youngster Billy 019MS Rattata (x2) 4 $ 500
Youngster Jason 019MS Rattata 7 $ 500
Youngster Albert 027MS Sandshrew $ 500


Name Type Rarity Location Notes
016MS Pidgey Normal
Grass patches -
019MS Rattata Normal
Grass patches -
399MS Bidoof Normal
Grass patches -
731MS Pikipek NormalFlying Rare Grass patches -
734MS Yungoos Normal Rare Grass patches -
406MS Budew GrassPoison Rare Grass patches -
025MS Pikachu Electric Very rare Grass patches 5% chance to encounter

in any patch of grass in route 1

001MS Bulbasaur Grass
Grass Patches Kanto Starters Route 1 Gamepass
004MS Charmander Fire
Grass Patches
007MS Squirtle Water
Grass Patches


Route 1

This is what Route 1 looked like in the early stages of the game.

Route 1 new

This is what Route 1 looked like during the first revamp attempt.

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