Bot Lab

Saffron City is the eighth city a trainer will encounter. The city's Gym Leader is Sabrina, a professional Psychic-type Pokémon trainer. Yellow buildings are home to citizens though, you cannot enter them.

Notable Places

Saffron Gym

Saffron Gym is a Psychic-type Gym led by Sabrina as the Gym Leader. She will be seen floating in the air when you enter the Gym. You will not have to battle another trainer.

Bot Lab

The Bot Lab is an area where you can battle any player that has the Champion badge. The Bot Lab is a great way to grind for EXP in the game. Though, you will not earn any Pokédollars when you defeat the bot. You can find it on the right of the PokéCenter. Please click here for more information.

Fighting Dojo

The Fighting Dojo used to be the Gym at Saffron City until Sabrina came in. (Fighting is weak against Psychic) Inside you will find many black belt NPCs that will battle you with Fighting-type Pokémon. After you defeat the two special NPCs with a green and a red headband in the back, they will reward you with either a Hitmonlee or a Hitmonchan, which are both level 45. To get both you may battle both leaders.

Silph Co.

Many people may have noted of a large tower with a guard standing next to the door. This tower, proven by Wish_z is Silph Co. Currently it has no purpose but may be used for events in the future.

Notable Events

2016 Christmas Event

To get into the Snowy Canyon, Justin Justice from the Police Station in Celadon City asks you to find "Santa" on top of a house in Saffron City. When you defeat him, you can finally enter Snowy Canyon, guarded by an admirer of his.

Obtaining Ho-Oh and Heatran

You can obtain Ho-Oh and Heatran in Saffron City's PokéCenter. For Ho-Oh you must have: Mr.Mime, Jynx, Lickitung, Metagross, and an empty slot in your party. Heatran will be given by Professor Oak if you have 300 Pokédex entries.


Black Belt Igloo 067MSMachoke 46 Fighting $ 2,000
068MSMachamp 52 Fighting
Black Belt Ip Man 057MSPrimeape 49 Fighting $ 2,000
062MSPoliwrath 55 WaterFighting
Black Belt Bruce Lee 107MSHitmonchan (x6) 55 Fighting 107MSHitmonchan
Black Belt Jackie Chan 106MSHitmonlee (x6) 55 Fighting 106MSHitmonlee
Sabrina 122MSMr. Mime 55 PsychicFairy Marsh Badge
064MSKadabra 55 Psychic
097MSHypno 57 Psychic
093MSHaunter 59 GhostPoison
065MSAlakazam 65 Psychic

*Both Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee will be lvl 45 when received, regardless of your badge progress.

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