Many people scam on Project Pokémon, and most of these scams occur with trading. Scams are a way for people to steal your Pokémon.

Number One: The Leveling Scam

A scammer will offer to level up your Pokémon for you, however, they will not return your Pokémon.

Number Two: The Borrowing Scam

Many people ask to borrow Pokémon for dealing with Gyms. After "borrowing" the Pokémon, they won't return your Pokémon.

There is a server message that warns about avoiding this scam.

Number Three: The Dupe Scam

Some people join random servers and say something like, "Hey your_name, give me your shiny Mewtwo and I'll dupe it.", or, "Hey your_name, if you give me that Audino, I'll give it back to you with an Audinite.", or, "Hey your_name, please give me your shiny Lucario and I will duplicate it.", or, "Hey your_name, give me your Garchomp and I'll return it to you with a Garchompite" Almost nobody falls for this, as only Wish_z can "spawn" pokemon.

Number Four: Wagering Scam

Most people do stuff like saying, "Hey, if anyone beats me in a battle, then I'll give them a free Kyurem". Then, when they do get beaten, they ask to trade. They put Kyurem in the slot, and both you and them click ready. But on the trade confirmation screen, they click No and then cancel the trade, followed by saying "Lol do you really think I'd do that?".

Number Five: The Trick Scam

The scammer would have the Pokémon you want to trade in their party, and would have a more common Pokémon, like a Pidgey, in their party too. This scam could be done in two ways. You would be tricked into accepting the trade to the more common Pokémon the scammed had by either rejecting the trade confirmation, quickly swapping the Pokémon in trade and then out of confusion, you would accept the trade, or, the scammed would quickly swap the Pokémon right before you both press Trade and then confirm.

Number Six: The Giveaway Scam

The scammer would ask you to give them a free Legendary, Mythical or any other rare Pokémon in order for you to join their Pokémon giveaway (With Rayquaza giveaway scam being most common) and once they receive the Pokémon from you, the will either leave the server or announce a random user as the winner before leaving.

Number Seven: The Borrowing Scam

A scammer would ask you if they can borrow a powerful Pokémon from you so that they can beat a Gym they're struggling with (Mostly the 8th Gym or the Elite 4), and instead of returning your respective Pokémon, they would end up ignoring your or leaving the server.

Number 8: The BP Farm Scam

this scam takes away ur Rate not Pokemon. for example u joined a server then someone asked u if u want a rare pokemon like legends then the scammer said he will give it to u but... he will farm BP on u first on a Rated battle then after that he will leave the game. (written by Galleon124 Ingame Name joehost i got scammed with this ;_;)

Number 9: The 8th Gym Scam!

This scam is worse than the 7th one. You will just chill minding your own business when all of a sudden, someone in the chat says something like "Hey AngusMacdonaldMii2, can you give me one of your Pokémon? I'm struggling on the 8th gym" You will trade with the person that wants to beat the 8th gym. And then, when they get the Pokémon you traded to them, it's a fraud and they will automatically leave the game! I got this scam by EdwardGamingFlame he stole my Bisharp with the scam! Curse you EdwardGamingFlame! My Bisharp was my MVP of my team!

(Written by TheShinyLucarioMaster I got scammed with this twice!)

Number 10: The Mystery Scam

How this scam works is that you say that there is a rare legendary code (For example, rayquaza). Then after they give you the pokemon, they would tell you the code, then when you do it, you been scammed. I saw this in-game while trading my shiny latias (And still am) when i saw that someone said that was telling people that there was a rayquaza code and he would only tell what it was when someone gave him a rare pokemon. Then someone fell for it.

(Written by Conkzilla)

Number 11: Birthday Scam

This one is the trick where I fell thrice. How it works: Someone says, "Hi today is my birthday so can you pls give me some pokemon" and that's all. People start giving him/her Pokemon until he/she gets satisfied.

(Written by FauxSpots)

NOTE: Scamming is a bad thing in the game, and you have a chance to get your save file WIPED. I recommend you not do any of these scams. This is just a list on how scammers actually scam. Thank you for reading this.

-Giratina lOW