Scyther a BugFlying-type Pokémon introduced in Generation I. It is also known as the 'Mantis Pokémon'.

How to Obtain

Scyther can be found in Fuchsia City, the Pokemon Roulette, Swarms or by trading.


Metal Coat ▶


Moves when obtained

Move Power Accuracy Type
Wing Attack 60 100% Flying
Vacuum Wave 40 100% Fighting
Slash 70 100% Normal
Double Hit 35 90% Normal

Moves taught by TMs

  • No data

Moves taught by Move Relearner

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Recolor Gallery

Night Scyther

Night Scyther made by ???

Dawn Scyther

Dawn Scyther made by ???

Doodle Scyther

Doodle Scyther made by Rue_n

Fairy Scyther

Fairy Scyther made by Lurantise

Angel Scyther

Angel Scyther made by Sorosys

Evil Scyther

Evil Scyther made by SynYuno

Obsidian Scyther

Night Scyther made by VikiWiki

Bandit Scyther

Fairy Scyther made by maxx2919

Liberty Scyther

Liberty Scyther made by Crabway

Alien Scyther

Alien Scyther made by tukasi