Stunfisk is a GroundElectric type Pokémon Introduced in Generation V. It is known as the 'Trap Pokémon'.

How to Obtain

Stunfisk can be obtained outside of the Mausoleum of Origins.

It can also be obtained from trading and the Pokemon Roulette.


Stunfisk does not evolve.


Moves when Caught

  • Earthquake
  • Thunder
  • Water Pulse
  • Hidden Power

Moves that can be taught by Move-Relearner

  • Water Gun
  • Thunderbolt
  • Thunder Wave

Moves taught by TMs

  • Charge Beam
  • Spark

Type Effectiveness

Effectiveness Type(s)
Weaknesses Grass, Ground, Ice, Water
Resistances Flying, Poison, Rock, Steel
Immunity Electric


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