Torrent increases the power of Water-type moves by 50% (1.5×) when the ability bearer's HP falls below a third of its maximum.

There are a total of 21 Pokémon with this ability.

All Water-type starters have this ability.

The Grass and Fire type equivalents of this ability is Overgrow and Blaze, respectively.

Pokémon with this Ability

Pokemon Type
007MS Squirtle Water
008MS Wartortle Water
009MS Blastoise Water
158MS Totodile Water
159MS Croconaw Water
160MS Feraligator Water
258MS Mudkip Water
259MS Marshtomp Water
260MS Swampert WaterGround
393MS Piplup Water
394MS Prinplup Water
395MS Empoleon WaterSteel
501MS Oshawott Water
502MS Dewott Water
503MS Samurrot Water
656MS Froakie Water
657MS Frogadier Water
658MS Greninja WaterDark
728MSPopplio Water
729MSBrionne Water
730MSPrimarina WaterFairy