To spin the Roulette, you have to pay 6 Robux and you will get the Pokémon on which the Pointer stops. The Upgraded Roulette, which gives you a higher chance of a better Pokémon, costs 18 Robux.

To play the Roulette, you need to talk to the man outside of every Pokemart with a black suit.

You can get every variation of a Pokemon in the game (including shinies and auras) and the level of Pokemon depends on the Badges you've earned. Every Pokémon in the game can be obtained from the Roulette except for Rotom, Druddigon, Aegis, Marshadow, Glubbie and Arceus. Rotom was removed from the Roulette at the beginning of February 2017. Because of this, Rotom is now considered a lot more valuable than before.

Example: Having 7 GYM Badges makes all the Pokémon won from the Roulette be level 77.


Each Pokemon from the Roulette has a 'tier' or 'rarity' that is indicated by the color in the background and chat text. The rarer the tier, the less likely that you are to get that Pokémon.Here are the tiers for the Pokemon Roulette:

Light Green = Common

Here are some common Pokémon in the chart below:

Roselia Charmeleon Mankey Lilipup
Zubat Igglybuff Diglett Geodude
Ponyta Seel Larvitar Timburr
Ekans Bagon Klink Riolu

Jigglypuff and Wigglytuff are also a light green rarity.

Green = Uncommon

Here are some uncommon Pokémon in the chart below:

Loudred Swoobat Venomoth Nosepass
Persian Tangela Lairon Solrock

Light Blue = Rare

Electrode Toxicroak Conkeldurr Relicanth Roserade
Pinsir Klinklang Clawitzer Aerodactyl Delibird
Pangoro Kingler Bisharp Houndoom Phione
Reuniclus Froslass Golduck Slowbro Shiftry

Dark Blue = Even Rarer

Venusaur Meganium Blaziken Torterra Serperior Chesnaught Primarina
Charizard Typhlosion Sceptile Infernape Emboar Delphox Decidueye
Blastoise Feraligatr Swampert Empoleon Samurott Greninja Incineroar
Snorlax Espeon Volcarona Haxorus Vaporeon Leafeon Luxray

Gyarados, Milotic and Lucario are also a dark blue rarity.

Purple = Very Rare

All Pokemon with 600 base stats in total and can sometimes be a legendary or a Pseudo-Legendary

Virizion Cobalion Zapdos Genesect Keldeo
Uxie Mesprit Azelf Metagross Diancie
Entei Cresselia Regirock Regice Mew
Registeel Articuno Moltres Tornadus Garchomp

Hydreigon is also a purple rarity.

White = Ultimate

Very hard to get legendary Pokémon or a Pseudo-Legendary

Mewtwo Kyogre Giratina Giratina-O
Reshiram Rayquaza Groudon Zekrom
Kyurem Palkia Dialga Slaking
Lugia Ho-Oh Regigigas Tyranitar

Orange = Pokemon that cannot be caught in the wild

Audino Ditto Chatot Poochyena
Sigilyph Darumaka Darmanitan Mightyena
Drampa Stantler Jirachi Dhelmise