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    February 19, 2017 by Abzrealroblox

    Ah yes breeding, the second most popular things in the Pokemon franchise (in first place is shiny hunting) breeding came out in gen 2, Pokemon Gold and Silver and it is still in the Pokemon games today! Soo is breeding gonna come to Project: Pokemon? Possibly...I am not currently sure because Wish-Z didn't post anything about breeding on twitter soo yeah, maybe is because he is working on other things maybe that's why, either way he is gonna add breeding some point. Soo will this effect the game? This mechanic will not really effect the game currently due to many reasons like:

    1. People can just change the nature of their Pokemon into the right one from the crazy scientist at elegant valley.

    2. People can just use pokeimprovers to max the IV…

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  • Abzrealroblox

    It may be a possibility we can get Alolan Pokemon but we can't be sure...Wish_z didn't post anything on Twitter about Alolan Pokemon but that may mean that he isn't working on them right we know right now he hasn't completed the Hoenn Pokedex, the Sinnoh Pokedex, The Unnova Pokedex, the Kalos Pokedex and he just started the Alolan Pokedex and even now he is still adding Pokemons from these regions. If Wish ever does Alolan forms he might post it to twitter but he does works on other things in Project Pokemon like he added Mega Evolutions in the game which added a whole new strategy in the battles, his builders are working on making a place for legendaries and for the new Xerneas and Yveltal, he is probably working on making a plac…

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