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    1. A roulette for Pokéballs, it will cost less than the Pokémon roulette, & will be the only way to get all of the other balls (Friend Ball /Luxury Ball [if used on a Pokémon that evolves through friendship you can just level him up to evolve if caught with this ball], Dive Ball, Dusk Ball, Quick Ball, etc...).

    2. A daily roulette- this roulette will have:

    • a high chance of giving you money between 500$ to 50,000$.
    • a small chance of giving you a free ticket to the other roulettes, with the Pokémon one being more rare.
    • a tiny chance of giving you Unown.

    ​3. Unown- as said above, it'll only come from the daily roulette, not from any other place.

    of course it won't be useful in battle, but it'll have a useful trait outside of battle- if in the party it…

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