1. A roulette for Pokéballs, it will cost less than the Pokémon roulette, & will be the only way to get all of the other balls (Friend Ball /Luxury Ball [if used on a Pokémon that evolves through friendship you can just level him up to evolve if caught with this ball], Dive Ball, Dusk Ball, Quick Ball, etc...).

2. A daily roulette- this roulette will have:

  • a high chance of giving you money between 500$ to 50,000$.
  • a small chance of giving you a free ticket to the other roulettes, with the Pokémon one being more rare.
  • a tiny chance of giving you Unown.

​3. Unown- as said above, it'll only come from the daily roulette, not from any other place.

of course it won't be useful in battle, but it'll have a useful trait outside of battle- if in the party it'll increase the chance of finding Pokémon that start with the letter of the Unown (explained in 4.) by 1.5+1/n (n= Number of Legendaries or Mythicals Found in the Wild), meaning that an A Unown will give a 2.5x boost for finding Articuno and Aerodactyl, But a R Unown with only boost Regice's and Ralts's spawn rate by 1⅔.

If there's no legendaries or mythicals that start with that Unown's letter, It'll boost by 3, like W for Wingull or Woobat.

If the Unown is a ?, it'll boost the chances of quest needed Pokémon (like Chansey) & Pokémon with held items (like Munchlax or mega stones) by 2. If the Unown is an !, it'll boost the chances of auras & shinies by 2.

I think if you have more than 1 Unown, it's boost will only stack if it's a different shape.

4. Another Mysterious Entity- an Unown entity- It will be found in Mysterious Grotto, and will fight with 6 level 150 Unowns. When defeated it'll give you 10,000$, but if you have 1 or more Unowns in your party, it will say to the trainer to type a letter/?/! and will change all the Unowns in his party to the requested shape.

I think all of these would be a great addition the game, & i'd like your feedback!

A C (talk) 01:18, February 25, 2017 (UTC)

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