• Sleepy Soda

    Soda's Aura Dex

    September 16, 2017 by Sleepy Soda

    Welcome to my growing new blog! There isn't much here, but it'll surely be awesome once it reaches the later stages. This blog is dedicated to my collection of auras for every Pokemon in the Pokedex (which will take a very long time). I'm only putting up tints, animateds, rings or a combination of those said - no recolors! :3 Disclaimer: Most of these are mine, few belong to other people and a large portion have been traded away.

    This section consists of Kanto Pokemon, as well as their full (external region) evolutionary lines.

    Bulbasaur Ivysaur Venusaur

    Wartortle Blastoise

    Nidoking Cleffa Clefairy Clefable




    Graveler Golem



    Kingler Voltorb

    Cubone Marowak Tyrogue Hitmonlee Hit…

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  • Sleepy Soda

    Welcome to my first blog! This one is all about how you can redeem Mystery Gift Codes, in a visual tutorial! Before I begin, take a look at this page to discover any active codes. Remember to check frequently to ensure you don't miss out on anything cool!

    If you've just begun your adventure, keep in mind you need to defeat Gym Leader Brock, who uses  type Pokémon before you can use the Mystery Gift Code system at all!


    Step 2Type in your Mystery Gift Code in the space provided. It is case-sensitive, so type exactly as the code goes.

    Step 4Click the 'Redeem Pokemon' button on the top. Then, click your desired Pokemon you would like to redeem.

    Step 6Check your party to ensure nothing went wrong. Remember to SAVE too!

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