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  • I am a ditto preteding to be a waddle dee
  • FastMinecraft2016

    A New Wiki

    February 13, 2018 by FastMinecraft2016

    I am a fan of the game deathrun, and so i decided to make this.


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  • FastMinecraft2016

    Hello! FastMinecraft here, and, I decided on some wikia resolutions for 2018! The problem is that it’s February. Well, Lunar new year it is then!


    Get A moderator job on this wiki Get the great ball achievement.

    Snow shoveling wiki:

    Get my 2 moderator jobs back (don’t ask)

    Roblox Wikia:

    Found a new wiki relating to Roblox

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  • FastMinecraft2016

    Hi! This is a um... recap of my randomizer nuzzlocke....

    Giratina-o (level 18)

    Grotle (level 14)

    Torracat (level 17)

    Pidgeotto (level 15)

    Simipour (level 13)

    Sewaddle (level 15)

    SHINY PARAS!! (not in party) (level 10)

    Dead Pokemon:

    None Yet





    P.S I met Soda during 1st day of nuzzlocke...

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  • FastMinecraft2016

    Hi! So, I was reading blog posts a week ago, and I realized Mettaton8 hosted a trivia thing (its pretty much dead) so I thought I'd jut do a reboot.


    If you get a question wrong or dont answer (limit is 3 days) you get a strike

    3 strikes = out

    4 players max

    Winner is last standing or gets most points!

    signup in comments below

    alright 1st question for 10 points

    What was Wish_z's 1st username?

    Deadline is december 24

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  • FastMinecraft2016

    Elegant Valley

    March 26, 2017 by FastMinecraft2016

    Elegant Valley is pretty cool. You can fill up your Pokedex (I have 65/66) and get good pokemon! Went there today. Got 2 new ones

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