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    scam thingies

    February 12, 2017 by Giratina-lOw

    a soda machine or some thing told me my page should be a blog post so

    A scam on Project: Pokemon is usually from trading. There are multiple ways some people do it. Some may be patched.

    Number One: The Levelling Scam

    To do this, you must have someone who is in need of levelling up the Pokemon. When they do trade you, the scammer pretends to level it up, but never gives it back.

    Number Two: "Borrowing" Method

    This 90% doesn't work. First, you'll place everything in your party into a box. Then, have something SUPER weak on your team, like a Spearow. Then, say something along the lines of: "can someone give me some free pokemon? i got scammed on a different server, and i need some". At least 1 trainer would fall for this in any server.

    Number 3: Th…

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