• Italianbeaver

    ​"How do you beat Aegis MKII?" ​is one of the most asked questions in Project Pokémon and on the wikia, second to only "Can you make more codes" or "What is the best team to beat E4 with"? The motive for beating the entity is very obvious, not only does he give 11k exp but he also gives over 200k Pokédollars on the first win and 17k after that (without booster). This is (in my opinion) the best strategy for beating Aegis MKII.

    Perhaps the most key part of beating Aegis MKII is having a pokemon that can outspeed it. I recommend using Electrode, since he is easy to get and you don't have to teach Mewtwo or Deoxys Thunder Wave, saving you the purchase of a TM. Electrode will most likely already know Thunder Wave but you can you use the Move Rel…

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