Hey there peeps! It's Lina here! And I am doing another blog cause I want to XD.

Today's Daily question is.. Is Ditto a failed clone of Mew.

Yeah yeah alot of people say: Yes it is, there are soooo many youtube videos of it! But... look more into ditto and mew.

Let's look at things that Ditto is a failed clone of mew

1. They both can learn Transform

2. Same shiny color

3. Ditto's mouth looks like a Mew's color.

Let's look at things that Ditto ISN'T a failed clone of mew

1. Ditto can't learn any tms, hms or even moves.

2. Ditto can breed with anything

3. Ditto and Mew have different catch rates

4. Ditto can be found in more places

That concludes it of The Daily Blog Questions, Leave your answers in the comments below and also tell me what Daily Question I should do next!

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