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  • MarioCP

    Enter the raffle!

    June 14, 2017 by MarioCP

    Hey guys.. I got a special annoucement! I am back, and I wanted to do something special! Its called the raffle!

    From 6/13/17 to 8/22/17, I will be doing this every Tuesday! Anyone who enters have to have the requirements:

    Over 100 Edits

    ROBLOX Username

    Must be active on wikia

    Message me at the message wall, and you will be entered! (Higher Ranks just need ROBLOX Username)

    Good luck everyone!



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  • MarioCP

    Hey guys, I am sorry for being inactive. I was busy with some stuff, collecting new information. I might visit this wikia now often, since all my hard.. work. Thank you for reading this.


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  • MarioCP

    My wiki.. i need help

    April 2, 2017 by MarioCP

    Hey guys!

    Before you comment on my wiki, i'm not adversiting.

    The wiki link is .

    I support everything in ur wiki, however i'm not used to the other stuff. Please help!

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  • MarioCP

    Hi! Just as you know, i'm Mario. I'll show you how to get unstuck. Well, this requires taxi.. and before you get stuck, make sure the taxi is in front of your screen. Watch this video to know how to get unstuck.. even if it is a glitch. It helps you very much instead of getting stuck and waiting.. Once you are done watching this video, make sure to get the taxi on your screen in the game. You can use it to teleport anywhere. I got stuck once in a house.. I still had my taxi so I got unstuck easliy by teleporting. Try this tip! 

    From, Mario

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  • MarioCP

    Yes, he will. He said he would make a place for Xerneas and Yveltal on twitter. "I'll ask my builder to build a new area for me. Every area has a dedicated legendary -- I'm thinking this one would be Yveltal and Xerneas." He didn't say it would be in March, but possiblity. He would also add something for St. Patricks Day.  What do I predict it will look like? Well, it would be with flowers for X, a place to fly (with a flying type pokemon) for Y, but im still not sure with Z. Z is Zygarde , the Order Pokemon. Z could be hidden somewhere. I believe there will be Kalos pokemon mostly in the patches there, because the series "XY & Z." Well, back to the place where you fly. There will be a invisible patch to look for flying pokemon. The flowers…

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