aka Hottr the lava serpent

  • I live in In the lava of hot lands (Or whatever snowdin is called in UTAUWikiTale)
  • I was born on March 26
  • My occupation is Burning intruders/Teaches Frisk how to wear the ballet shoes
  • I am Male

    special thanks to Giratana-IOW (or however you spell it I have short term memory loss) for giving me the idea!

    So you need help on Project Pokemon eh? Well same with me but I can give you SOME tips. So first in Oaks lab get a Kanto starter (you'll thank me later) and then get a pidgey and I recommend putting both your starter AND your pidgey to level 10 before you leave viradin city.Speaking of Viradin city go to the Pokēmart and get the parcel.Go back to the lab and give it to professor Oak.After that you might want to level up your Pokemon to level 20.Next you have Brock. Since your Pokemon are level 20 you might be able to handle Brock.After that go through route 3 into m.t. Moon. Get a rock type (don't use it while fighting Misty that w…

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