Does anybody stop and wonder at the starter choices because their are so much? Well, this blog will tell you the best starter to choose.

Personally, I think the best starter is Mudkip , only having one weakness which is Grass types . So Erika , the grass type gym leader, will one shot your Marshtomp 259MS or Swampert 260MS

Choosing The Right Starter

Ok, enough of me talking. Let's get to choosing the right starter.

These are the gym leader types in order:

Rock Type Pokemon

Water Type Pokemon

Electric Type Pokemon

Grass Type Pokemon

Poison Type Pokemon

Psychic Type Pokemon

Fire Type Pokemon

Ground Type Pokemon

The grass type starters have 2 gyms that are super-effective against it: The Poison Gym, and the Fire Type Gym. The grass type pokemon also have 3 gyms that grass is super-effective against: The Rock Type Gym, The Water Type Gym, and the Ground Type gym. To counter the poison and fire type gym, use either a Treecko 252MS or Snivy 495MS, the 2 fastest grass type starters.

The water type starters have 2 gyms that are super-effective against it: The Electric Gym (with the exception of Mudkip 258MS), and the Grass Type Gym. The water type also has 3 gyms (similar to the grass type) that water is super-effective against: The Rock Type Gym, The Fire Type Gym, and the Ground Type Gym. So I would recommend a Squirtle 007MS or Froakie 656MS, the 2 strongest water type starters.

And the fire type starters. The fire type starters have 3 gyms super-effective against it: The Rock Type Gym, The Water Type Gym, and The Ground type gym (with the exception of Charizard 006MS). The fire type starters also have super-effective moves to this gym: The Grass Type gym. So 643MS recommends using Charmander 004MS or Chimchar 390MS.

Now, The final choice. The best starter to choose is... Froakie! It's is one of the fastest starters, evolves to an incredibly fast Greninja 658MS, and has the upperhand to 3 gyms! Greninja could help you to your way of greatness, and take out many gyms with it's power. EV and IV train Greninja, then you have a monster right in your party. 


I'm not saying you should pick Froakie. You could pick any starter, but Froakie seems very strong and fast.

And 152MS thanks you for reading Shallowcoppwr123 's blog! I spent only part of my time for this so it took awhile.

493MS rewards you with 006MYMS and 006MXMS and this'ChampionBadge'

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