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    I was making several articles about the metagame for Project: Pokemon, and I even made a tier list for it.

    However, in reality, the metagame of PP is somewhat mediocre, consisting of players that use untrained Mewtwo and the horribly nerfed (yet still decent) Darkrai, along with code Pokemon.

    But, still, there is one metagame that is even worse, and that is the one of Pokemon Brick Bronze, the game I despise the most.

    Here is why the PBB meta is the worst one in the history of Pokemon.

    1. Most players use their fully evolved and completely overused starter Pokemon (most notably standard Charizard), and the rest of their team consists of Pokemon that are completely neglected and have v…
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  • TheRealPeterGreek

    With totally 600 Pokemon in the game (three of them are currently unobtainable), there are many Pokemon that have made a huge impact on the PvP scene.

    However, there are some very good 'mons that have not made it to the game yet.


    Number 5: Forretress

    Forretress is the dominant defensive Bug Pokemon in the games, having 140 Defense, 75 base HP, and the same type combination with Scizor and Genesect. This type combination leaves it with only one weakness and nine resistances, and it can wall many Pokemon easily. However, in PP, entry hazards and Rapid Spin are not yet added, so if Forretress makes it to the game, it might be a little underwhelming.

    Number 4: Alolan Marowak

    Alolan Marowak is one of the mos…

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  • TheRealPeterGreek

    Hey guys, I decided to make a new blog series that has many PvP guides that will help you succeed in the Project: Pokemon metagame. These will include tips on how to use certain Pokemon and items correctly in battles.

    The first blog will be about the Eviolite, an item that raises the defenses of a NFE (Not Fully Evolved) Pokemon. 

    Ever since its introduction in the Item update, Eviolite has become the third most popular item in the game, being behind Leftovers and Life Orb. It also has made NFE Pokemon now popular among the community, as they now can have the chance to face their evolved forms and other fully evolved Pokemon. In fact, some Pokemon outclass their evolved forms.

    There are many ways to use the Eviolite, but I will talk about cer…

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  • TheRealPeterGreek

    adSorry for being so inactive, I had many things to do like homework.

    By the way, there is the third version of my tier list for PP. The reason why I make a third one is because some Pokemon were put on the wrong tiers, and because others have become more popular.

    It will also feature a new tier where the most unviable Pokemon will be.

    Here we go

    Once again, the mighty Glubbie is here.

    Pokemon that are too strong and can be considered broken. These are the Pokemon that are on the Rated Battle Banlist.

    Mewtwo (S)

    Lugia (S)

    Ho-Oh (A-)

    Slaking (A+)

    Groudon (A-)

    Kyogre (A)

    Rayquaza (S)

    Deoxys (All forms) (D- for Normal, A+ for Attack, B for Speed and B- for Defense)

    Dialga (B+)

    Palkia (A-)

    Giratina (A for both forms)

    Regigigas (A+)

    Darkrai (C)

    Arceus  (S)


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  • TheRealPeterGreek

    It's been a long time since I made a blog post last time on the wiki. I was bored so I decided to make another list. This list will rate all eeveelutions by PvP performance.

    NOTE: Since this is based on PvP viability, don't complain if your favourite eeveelution is low on the list.

    Enough of this, let's begin.

    Number 8: Glaceon

    Glaceon has a phenomenal 130 base Special Attack, which is the same with Kyurem's. However, it has some really bad flaws that hold it back. Its 65 Speed is considered below average, its Ice typing is easily the worst defensive typing in the game, and it cannot endure hits well because of this. However, it can work on the right team, although it might be risky to use it.

    Number 7: Flareon

    If it was not for Flare Blitz, Fla…

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