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  • TheRealPeterGreek

    This is a ranking list about the usage of Pokemon in the game in all tiers. It is actually a leaderboard instead of a rank board

    1. Mewtwo
    2. Lugia
    3. Darkrai
    4. Dialga
    5. Slaking
    6. Rayquaza
    7. Palkia
    8. Deoxys
    9. Regigigas
    10. Giratina
    11. Volcarona
    12. Reshiram
    13. Ho-Oh
    14. Kyogre
    15. Zekrom
    16. Groudon
    17. Kyurem

    NC Arceus (Unobtaibable)

    1. Mega Venusaur
    2. Mega Charizard X
    3. Chansey
    4. Mega Scizor
    5. Mega Gengar
    6. Dragonite
    7. Blissey
    8. Scizor
    9. Mega Blaziken
    10. Azumarill
    11. Mega Slowbro
    12. Mega Alakazam
    13. Celesteela
    14. Garchomp
    15. Mega Salamence
    16. Gengar
    17. Mega Beedrill
    18. Weavile
    19. Mega Lucario
    20. Shaymin-Sky
    21. Mega Lopunny
    22. Mega Gallade
    23. Mega Gyarados
    24. Latios
    25. Zapdos
    26. Mega Gardevoir
    27. Alakazam
    28. Mega Charizard Y
    29. Mega Tyranitar
    30. Mega Metagross
    31. Tyranitar
    32. Keldeo
    33. Mega Medicham
    34. Suicune
    35. Yanmega
    36. Cloyster
    37. Mega Heracross
    38. Gyarados
    39. Salamence
    40. Kartana
    41. Thundurus
    42. Greninja
    43. Breloom
    44. Mega Blastoise
    45. Raikou
    46. Mega Latias
    47. Victini
    48. Porygon-Z …

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  • TheRealPeterGreek

    Here is an updated list of my Tier List for Project: Pokemon. This features Pokemon that were either promoted or demoted as well as a new tier.

    Only one Pokemon has made it to this tier, and that is the unstoppable fakemon known as Glubbie. It is way too powerful for the game.


    Pokemon that are too powerful and broken. They are abnormally strong and popular among players.

    This is based on the banlist of Rated Battles








    Deoxys (All Forms)











    Pokemon that dominate the metagame. They are powerful and able to even sweep teams with ease. Very popular among players.

    Mega Venusaur

    Mega Charizard X

    Mega Charizard Y

    Mega Blastoise

    Mega Beedrill …

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  • TheRealPeterGreek

    Hey guys I made a new aura for Scyther and Scizor. It is called the Greece aura.

    Here are the photos.  

    Can someone post in the chat sprites for Mega Scizor because I did not find a good one?

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  • TheRealPeterGreek

    My first blog in the Wiki was about Pokemon that are able to face the Elite Four with ease.  I included 20 very strong Pokemon that are common within Elite Four teams.

    But then, I discovered there are more choices for it.

    In this blogpost I will present more Pokemon recommended for E4.

    1. Lugia

    How to get: Talk to the guy in Cinnabar Volcano's PokeCenter while having Chansey, Snorlax, Vibrava, Moltres and Magneton in your party. (also Lugia was once in a code)

    You should expect this one coming. Ever since the code was released, Lugia became more common than Mewtwo. Its defenses are out of this world, it has the ability Multiscale, it has good set up moves and a great movepool and great recovery. It can destroy Bruno's Pokemon easily after one o…

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  • TheRealPeterGreek

    Project: Pokemon was created in 2013 by wish_z (formerly known as WishNite). It was the first Pokemon game in ROBLOX and instantly became a fan favorite. 

    There are so many cool things in the game, such as Mega Evolutions, Ultra Beasts, Mystery Gift codes and even events with Legendary Pokemon.

    However, when Pokemon Brick Bronze became free, everything changed...

    Many people think that PBB is the best Pokemon game, but it is not.

    First, almost EVERYTHING costs Robux. Even Exp Share, the most basic thing, costs Robux. As a poor Robloxian, I do not accept it at all. Even cool things such as Ditto, Ash-Greninja and extra Starters cost Robux. This shows how greedy is the team that makes the game.

    Also, the storyline of PBB is a very generic one. Yo…

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