Project: Pokemon was created in 2013 by wish_z (formerly known as WishNite). It was the first Pokemon game in ROBLOX and instantly became a fan favorite. 

There are so many cool things in the game, such as Mega Evolutions, Ultra Beasts, Mystery Gift codes and even events with Legendary Pokemon.

However, when Pokemon Brick Bronze became free, everything changed...

Many people think that PBB is the best Pokemon game, but it is not.

First, almost EVERYTHING costs Robux. Even Exp Share, the most basic thing, costs Robux. As a poor Robloxian, I do not accept it at all. Even cool things such as Ditto, Ash-Greninja and extra Starters cost Robux. This shows how greedy is the team that makes the game.

Also, the storyline of PBB is a very generic one. You have to save your parents from a group of villains called Team Eclipse, meaning that the competitive part of the game is overshadowed by the story.

However, Project: Pokemon has the storyline the original Pokemon games have: the player's quest to become a Pokemon Master.

Here are some cool things Project: Pokemon has.

  • A cool storyline. You begin from scratch and gradually progress in order to become a great Pokemon trainer.
  • The Gym battles are very close to the once from the original games.
  • Elite Four now is a real challenge, encouraging you to become stronger and show your skills.
  • Mega Stones can be caught on wild Pokemon.
  • Mystery Gift codes made by wish_z give players a chance to obtain a strong Pokemon, even Legendaries on some occasions.
  • PvP battles are really cool, allowing the players to show their real strategic skiils.
  • Several Gen 7 Pokemon, along with the 7 Ultra Beasts, as well as Necrozma, give players the chance to catch more and more Pokemon.
  • Events often feature Legendary Pokemon that are only Roulette exclusives.
  • If you eventually catch 300 Pokemon, you have the chance to obtain the Legendary Pokemon Heatran for free.
  • Also, after winning Elite Four, you can catch 5 exclusive and rare Pokemon you cannot find otherwise.
  • False Swipe is no longer a TM, and Pokemon such as Scizor, Breloom and Marowak can learn it naturally, making Pokemon catches a piece of cake.
  • EV training is now quick, fun and easy to do, thanks to the bots made by Iso. Within an hour, you can prepare your team for battling.
  • Gaining experience is easier, thanks to another bot made by Iso.
  • Recatchable starters thanks to the Swarms that occur every 10 minutes.
  • You can also get a higher rank by increasing your Pokedex entries, making you a respectable player.
  • The graphics are very close to those of those to the classic games, giving the feeling of nostalgia.

That is all that I can say about that great game. It is one of the greatest and it will forever be.

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