Hey Everyone!

I just thought it might be a nice idea to show you guys some cool coding tags that might improve your knowledge of HTML and this wiki!(Even though some of you guys know most or all of this).

  1. Colored Headings

You can choose any color to go with a heading and it makes it look cool!Ex:<h1 style ="color:blue;">See?</h1>  all you have to do is put the number of heading (h1-h6) then put style="color:then put the color you want and end it like this after you put the color's name ;".To end this command itself use </h(whatever number u picked).

2.Non-Linking buttons

You can easily create any button by going into source mode and typing:TEXTGOESHERE


Coding for the 'TEXTGOESHERE' button

You can write anything in between the 2 tags shown in the picture and a button will appear.

Click Here!

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